Thrifting wars

You ever go shopping at a thrift store and loose your mind? Ever seen another customer in the aisle you’ve been in for 10 mins who waltzes right in and finds the thing you’ve been looking for? That truly erks my soul. Now, you turn into a stalker, relentlessly eyeballing and following the customer around hoping that she changes her mind and no longer wants that boyfriend blazer, or palazzo pants you’ve been searching for. And you know the items are just your size. Aaarrrgghh.. I went thrifting bright and early last Saturday and I took my time and scanned all the aisles. And then, this lil skinny thing breezes past me and picks up a brand new pair of brown Oxford boots. Brand new!!!! I stared her down, but didn’t want to seem obvious so, I said

oh wow, those shoes look really horrible cute on you, what size are they?

She told me they were a size 6. Son of a…. Just my size. I was thinking in my mind, this is war!!!! I followed her, watched her, and mentally tried to will her to put those oxfords back, but to know avail. This is one thrifting war that I lost. So it’s Saturday again.. And I’m headed out to search for some cheap yet, fabulous items. And hopefully today, I don’t have to stalk anybody. Because I am prepared for war.. Lol..
I will post pics later of what I’m wearing. Check out these photos in the mean time of items I’ve lost in the war:





  1. hahahaha this happens to me all the time. i totally will people to put things down…sometimes i swear it works! anyway, thanks for a laugh tonight 🙂

  2. Hahahaha… I think I need to be more aggressive in my thinking, cause I couldn’t will a cat out of a bag. I surely won’t stop trying though. 🙂
    Thanks for reading and please stop by again!

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