I may be a social media retard but my kids ROCK!!!

Ok I”ll admit, I’m a tad bit retarded when it comes to things like twitter, blogging, and the social media scene as a whole. I guess I don’t know the proper etiquette either, because how I was raised is when someone speaks to you, you are to speak back. When someone ask you a question, you are to answer them. These spawns of the social media won’t even interact with you unless of course your in some social media circle. It is all too reminiscent of high school and the mean girls syndrome. Too bad I don’t do cliques, I didn’t do it then, and this grown woman sure ain’t doing it now. I’ve only been on twitter for about 3 days and already it reeks of childrens banter, mixed in with hints of the great pretenders. I wanted this to be a way for me to connect with my readers, which by the way are non existent at this point. I am so very not desperate, but really am curious as to where my people are at! I have a voice, and I certainly write well enough. So where, o where art thou? Lol… I guess I’m on the short bus when it comes to these things. Oh well, back to my regularly scheduled blog and the subject at hand. I haven’t really taken any pictures of myself. I’ve been really chill this weekend, so I will devote this time to the kiddies fashions. They are so cute, and fashionable my babies.
I keep them looking nice and fabulously fresh all the time, and it doesn’t require a trip to Bergdorf’s to do it. I mean how many of today’s economy of parents can truly afford shopping like that? I sure can’t and I’m not going to pretend that I can. While saving for college funds, it’s just not possible. Besides, they are only going to outgrown and ruin their clothes because they, are kids. This Cheap and Fab Mom knows how to stretch a nickel. I’m reminded of the kids rhyme I recited as a child, “trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents”. TA! I make it happen. Check out some of their fresh diggs below:

Four is wearing- black faux leather jacket- Burlington
White Tee- Carters
Black and White Tutu skirt- the Children’s Place
Black and White Polo rain boot- Shoe City
Necklace- Claire’s


Twelve is wearing- Graphic Tee- children’s place.
Levi Skinny Jeans- Marshalls
Converse sneaker- Shoe City
Fitted Cap- Lids hat store
Nerd glasses- Incognito


Fourteen is wearing- Varsity Jacket- Forever 21
Blue Tank- Wet Seal
Skinny Jeans- Thrifted
Oxford ballerina flats- Target
Necklace, Feather Headband- Forever 21
Bracelets- various stores (love the arm candy)


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by and yes…I agree! It took me a while to get used to social media…the rules are different. Your kids are just too cute 🙂 Your daughter has beautiful eyes 🙂

  2. thanks!!!! & I so appreciate you stopping by. I’m struggling (lol) but I’m going to keep going. I feel PUMPED UP now since I have a comment from you. eek!!
    By the way, your blog is amazing..
    Have a great day

  3. Galaxia said:

    Your kids are so freaking adorable!! It is refreshing to see a parent be upfront about finances and responsible with their “kid” spending. It saddens me when I see folks who can’t stop spoiling their kids, even when it means horribly sacrificing their futures.

    I love your blog and will follow through google reader. I have had multiple twitter accounts…I actually started out as a beauty blogger and did well, but the craziness turned me off of that “circle” lol! I enjoy being on the outside if it means doing my own thing! Do not fret, show love and love will be shown back!

  4. Thank you so much! I’m starting to get excited about it now since I have such nice people behind me. Very warm and fuzzy feeling..lol
    I will continue to follow you as well!
    Thanks again!

  5. Deelightful Dee said:

    Cute blog! Real talk! The kids are really cute. Think I’ll follow this…

    • Thank you very much! Don’t be a stranger, stop by again..

  6. Amy@ At the Pink oof Perfection said:

    Omg, your kids are adorable! Sooo stylish like their mama!!

    • Thx a bunch.. Believe it or not, they are developing their own personal style now. They impress me with some of their choices. 🙂

  7. Your kids are adorable and I have great style!!! I feel the same way as you do about the whole social media thing, I’m a little out of the loop but i’m learning new things everyday!

    • @Nova Nights- thanks a bunch! I think if I stick to it, I will get better with it (I hope anyway)
      thanks for stopping by!!

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