Momma, do tires go to heaven?

Today started off eventful enough to have me a tiny bit wiped out. For starters, I had a meeting scheduled at work that I definately needed to be in attendance for. The family got off well enough with no oversleeping, mishaps, arguments, or anything so I was already feeling good. I proceeded to leave, looking good, and feeling good. I ponder on this question often, and i really want to know. Why is that when your rushing, with something super important to do, such as, make it to a meeting.. on time, something always happens, such as a freaking flat tire! Uurrrgggghhhhh. boom! I stopped at a service station and sure enough, the tire was flat as toast. I put air in the tire, and I was good to go. I rushed to work, and only arrived 15 mins late, which was excellent time for having a flat, and not so excellent for a meeting. Funny thing is, the meeting was cancelled. Ha! All that stressing, over nothing. It just goes to show, even when I think the universe is working against me, God is working for me. I was all worked up in a tizzy. Posting on Facebook and twitter about my flat tire. My aunt responded to my post saying, “Be grateful for the flat, it means you have a car”! Leave it up to an Auntie to put it all in perspective. But, that’s not where my story ends. My daughter took the car to be checked out and guess what, the tire had gone away to it’s final resting place; the trash! Lol.. Kids say the darndest things. My four year old said to me,

Momma, do tires go to heaven?

And she had a straight face! Im still laughing at that 🙂 My older daughter had the tire replaced and picked me up from work. At the end of the day, it all worked out well. I pray that everyone had a blessed and productive day. Here is what me and two of the kiddies where wearing today.(the other two kiddies didn’t want to take pictures)

Gold sweater- Love Culture
Yellow/tan trim blazer- thrifted
Red slacks- thrifted
Brown heels- Target
Brown bag- TJ Max
Earrings, bracelet- N York & Co
Necklace- Lori’s Gifts
Watch- gift







Fourteen is wearing:
Purple T-shirt dress- Forever21
Multi colored scarf- Burlington
Ugg Boots- Nordstrom
Necklace, handband- Claire’s
Earrings- Hot Topic



Four is wearing:
Disney Princess shirt- JC Penny’s
Pink Leggins- Target
Sweater- Gymboree
Boots- Marshalls



  1. Deelightful Dee said:


  2. Nik said:

    I luv your outfit. Great colors! Your little models look adorable also. 🙂

    • Thank you.. Hopefully, I will be able to show them some more… They funny acting bout the picture thing! Lol.. Except the 4 yr old is always down!
      Thanks again

  3. tracey council said:

    Your colors look real nice and your children are so preciouos. i will follow you. this is a cute story.

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