Fired up Friday

This is the part of my blog where I have a nice little venting session. I’m just saying! These jobs have some nerve. I received this friendly, colorful, bright and sunshine day type of email from my employer. Once I opened up the attachment, the sunshine turn to thunder as it informed me that it’s now mandatory for “me”, the employee to get vaccinated against influenza. The email went on to say that if “I” am not compliant within a certain time frame, “my” job could be compromised. Hmmmm… So let me get this straight. “I” am being forced, against my will to get a vaccine that I totally don’t want right? ( this is just for me)
I’ve been in healthcare for several years, and I was vaccinated with the influenza vaccine one time, and within 24 hours I was as sick as a dog! I remained shackled by this illness for well over a week, and had never felt so bad in my life. That was the first and only time I’ve ever had the flu. So you see how it’s easy for me to say not getting vaccinated is a win/win. The CDC and every other healthcare conglomerate claims, that this vaccine is not a live virus and that only the mist has small traces of live influenza. I don’t know if I believe them. I stress, that these are my views. I am in no way, persuading folks to do a occupy healthcare protest against the administration of flu vaccine, but I am only saying that I should be able to make my own choices about getting it. I shouldn’t be forced and bribed by dangling my job before me. After some probing, I found that our company still offers a declination form. I’m wondering if I should just fill it out, checking off all the choices.

I am allergic to eggs √
I am allergic to the vaccine or a vaccine component √
I have a religious belief that keeps me from getting vaccinated √
If checked yes, please explain………………………………………
Now I have to explain my religious views and how it relates to not wanting to get vaccinated? This is all to much for a chic like me to handle on a Friday. I’m fired up. Let’s just call it “Fired up Friday”. Ok, maybe fired up is not the term I should use here since it’s not that serious. But… I’m just saying, sure seems a little controlling though.
I don’t know what I’m going to do, or how I’ll handle it. I’m good at pleading my case and standing up for what I believe in, but when it comes to taking care of these little faces:




I’ll do whatever has to be done. If that means getting stabbed in my muscle with a vaccine, so be it. LOL… My job will most definitely not be compromised for refusing vaccination. The court is now adjourned and vent session is over.
Happy Friday all. I am certainly praying that you all have a safe and blessed weekend. Now run along, and go get your flu shots. 🙂
Here is what I am wearing today.
Silk blouse- Thrifted
Blazer- Thrifted
Pink Skinny Jeans- Target
Bag- Target
Belt- Arden B
Shoes- Target
Earrings- Dots
Watch- Gift
Bracelets- Lori’s Gifts





  1. Wonderful article and it’s true vaccines are a major issue with adults & young children. Love your blog! Your children are beautiful and you’ve touched on a important trait that some younger mothers are missing and that’s dilligence to provide for their children- I commend you. May God continue to poor His grace & favor on everything you do in Jesus name.

  2. I’m just seeing this. Thank you Jennifer. I usually do my investigating before I say yes to anything. I will argue a case to put I’m a punk when it comes to the kids. Gotta do, what I gotta do. Appreciate your comment.

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