Nourish my soul and spirit..

New Psalmist Baptist Church and Bishop Thomas have been a blessing to my life in so many ways. I have been able to experience God in ways much deeper than I’ve ever known during my fellowship at NPBC. Throughout my life I’ve dealt with a variety of issues from homelessness, domestic abuse, self-hatred, disappointment, rejection, powerlessness, hopelessness, isolation, and fear. Through the power of God, I have been able to overcome these things, move forward in my life, and claim my rightful place in the body of Christ. Through my heavenly father I have learned to love myself unconditionally, to have faith through the uncomfortable times, and declare with a voice of triumph that my name is victory! This walk is a deep call to the deep and many have laughed or doubted me along my journey, but it really doesn’t matter because I have my eye on a bigger prize and though, I am far from perfect, and even fall short on a daily basis, I thank God for pouring his power into my life. Everything the enemy has told me about my self has been a lie. I am a part of God’s devine plan and I’ve learned to master this right way thinking through skills I have built through my fellowship at New Psalmist Baptist Church. The life applications I’ve learned there, I intend to apply to my life daily. Without them, without this fellowship, and most importantly without God, I would still be lost. I joined this church not because “they’re on TV”, not because it’s a so-called “Mega” church, and not because my “cousin” is a member, but because the “holy spirit” convicted me to. It was like, this is your place, your home and I was set free!! Bishop Thomas speaks into my life every time I’m there, as if he has read my thoughts. How can so many people be in that building, at different stages in their lives, yet Bishop is ministering to us all, touching us in different places, for different reasons, and we share a common bond! If that ain’t the power of the holy spirit, then I don’t know what is. After service I’ve heard many say, Bishop was on my street, he knocked on my door, he turned the key and sat down on my sofa, and I’m saying, you got that right, me too! So I keep going back, and I keep getting better, and I keep growing, and I keep changing, and I continue my fellowship. The miracle of God in my life is amazing. After the woes of life have beat me down, and I am mentally drained from my work week, I can’t wait to get to church and get that word. I love NPBC, to me it’s just like home.

  1. Tracey said:

    Now this is the most inspirtational thing I read in a long time. It is so nice to hear you tell about your love god, for your church and also some of the things you overcome. Keep up the good work because you have something real special to share with us readers and the world.


    • Thank you so very much. I think if more of us would tell how these type of things change our lives, more folks would be inclined to try it. I just thought about it, and this is what it means to me so I wrote about it. lol.. Thanks again for following!

  2. Ubdivine97 said:

    I started reading your blog while lying down in the dark half way through I sat up and turned the light on. I literally lifted up!! 🙂 What a powerful testimony of the move of God in your life. I pray the LORD will bless you more than your heart and hands can hold.

    • *tears* 
      I love to read comments like this. It’s an awesome feeling when you know, someone get’s you. Thanks for the encouragment, prayers, and for reading me. 🙂

  3. Love the power and transparency of your testimony sis! Keep allowing God to use you to show others the way to Him. You remind me so much of me, 8 years ago I was raising 4 children alone, not knowing what the future held but knowing WHO held the future. God is truly able and He can and will do magnificent things in you and your children’s lives.

    • Thank you so much Ms Minister of Style. I thank you for being able to see that I’m transparent even by writing a few words. God ain’t through with me yet, but he has certainly been a healer and a keeper, and I will NEVER be ashamed to tell anyone about that. I’m glad you stopped by because I love your blog!! 🙂
      Please keep reading and thanks again!

  4. Nicole Elmore said:

    Awesome!!!! Tears…… My tears are my words.I am so filled right now. Thank You for inviting me to this blog. Thank YOU

  5. No.. Thank you for coming to this blog. I appreciate you, the reader.. God gets all the glory. I’m o glad you like it, and hope you’ll keep coming back

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