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Heyyyyy everybody!
It’s been a very busy couple of days. Thanksgiving, black Friday, the last four days in general were pretty exhausting. When I finally shut down, I shut it down. I had one day where I did nothing but sleep. Did everyone score big for black Friday shopping? Did you even go out? Personally, I tell myself that this is the last year I’m going out there and don’t you know I end up going anyway. I can’t help it. I love it. My cousin and I go every year. We go hard too. Few are able to hang with us. We start at like midnight, and we come in the house somewhere around 7am. It’s a rush that I can’t explain. You either love it, or you don’t. This year for the first time I had my twenty, and fourteen year old daughters with me. They really wanted to come along, and the older one had some specific sale items she wanted to shop for. We stayed together as a group. My daughter told me that she would never do it again. She said she couldn’t take the long lines. I told her that’s what she gets for trying to hang with the big dogs. Sadly, I’ve heard a few horror stories this year regarding Black Friday shopping, but by the grace of God, it’s always been smooth sailing for us. We’ve never encountered any violence, or heightened rudeness. I’m thankful for that. It does tire you out though. Maybe I’m getting old because in the past I could shop for twelve hours straight. Well, this year after about the 6th hour, I couldn’t feel my feet, and I was seeing doubles. LOL. I had a blast though.

Scatter brain moment: I’ve been on natural hair journey since about June. That’s right, no chemicals. Yay me! Through the summer, I kept it cut close like this

But then in September, I started letting it grow out. One thing about me is I’m always doing something to my hair. I get bored with it easily, and I will cut if off in a minute. I don’t like it to look the same all the time. With this natural thing, it’s always the same way. I don’t have many choices since it’s so short. I twist it, which takes like three hours since its super thick. That only last for about three days for fear that it will lock up and right now, I don’t have any plans on growing dreads. I needed something different though. So, I decided to blow it out and curl it. It turned out nicely, and I received tons of compliments. It’s not going to last though, because it’s super soft. Maybe next week, I’ll just get it braided. Stay tuned for the outcome. Yikes!

On Sunday me and the kids went to church and later visited with some family. I was still drained from all the shopping and socializing I’ve done over the past four days. I finally went home and fell asleep while watching the Soul Train awards. Blah… It was super boring.
Oh well, it’s over now, back to work we go!

The kiddies weren’t into the picture thing so I had my son playing photographer.

(sorry for the quality on some of the pictures)

Me and baby girl posed together leaving church.
Four is wearing:
Dress- The children’s place
Cardigan- Target
Tights- Target
Boots- Target
Purse- thrifted



Here’s what I wore to church yesterday
Sequined Tank- Thrifted
Blazer- Old Navy
Skirt- Old Navy
Tights- Target
Shoes- Missoni for Target
Necklace, earrings- old
Watch- daughters
Bangles, Ring- Forever 21
Purse H&M





Oh yea, the giveaway contest ends tonight. a winner will be announced tommorrow!!!!

Peace and Blessings

Twelve years ago today, in 1998 my life was changed forever. My mother, departed this life at the tender age of just fourty-four. It was some years back, but for me, it still feels like yesterday. She was beautiful, and warm spirited, and generous, loving, and kind, and she was my mother. People say, they know how I feel, they say she’s in a better place… But, the pain and yearning to see her, breathe her, and show her, that I’ve finally got it right never goes away. I’ve been holding this cry in for two days, and I just gotta let it go….
……. Missing her…….
With God, I’ve I made it to the point of acceptance, and learned that I can continue to live, and love my Mom in spirit, heart and mind. Every now and again, I dream of her, and I appreciate those moments. I notice and I smile at the essence of her beauty wrapped in my children, her grandchildren. I’m so thankful for the life I’ve been given, and thankful that I had a chance to know one of life’s most loveliest to grace God’s earth..
My Momma:



Take a look at her offspring..
Me wearing:
Denim Shirt- Walmart
Belt- Arden B
Blue Skinnies- H&M
Heels- Barefeet
Earring, Bangles- H&M
Watch- daughter’s



My kids were acting like they didn’t want to take pics. Party poopers! I had to sneak a few
Twenty is wearing:
Tee- Urban Outfitters
Denim Jacket- Levi
Corduroy- Levi
Shoes- Ugg
Scarf- Old Navy

Hard to see Fourteen is wearing:
Tee- Target
Pants- H&M
Denim Jacket- Gap thrifted
Boots- Target
Headband- made by fourteen

Twelve is wearing:
Hoodie- Target
Vest- Old Navy
Levi’s Jeans- Target
(isn’t he handsome!)


Four was too busy having fun with her cousins to take pics yesterday. Here’s a recent headshot.
Four is wearing:
White Tee
Flower bow- made by me


We are my mom’s legacy..and she lives on in us each day..

Peace and blessing

How can I say thanks
for the things you have done for me
Things so undeserved
Yet you give to prove your love for me
The voices of a million angels
Cannot express my gratitude
All that I am or ever hope to be
I owe it all to Thee
To God be the glory
To God be the glory
To God be the glory
For the things He has done
With His blood, He has saved me
By His power, He has raised me.
To God be the glory
For the things he has done

That song is the rhythm of my life.. I am so Gtateful to God for keeping me and for his grace. I’m grateful for my children and feel it an honor to be allowed by God to mother them. I’m thankful for my family and the blood we share that cannot be broken for it is ordained by God. I’m thankful for my friends and each individual way they impact my life. I’m thankful for everyone who is reading this. I’m thankful for my job, that is a blessing to still have in this economy. I’m thankful for food, clothing, and shelter that so many are without right now. I’m thankful for so many things.. For my growth, for my past, for my future, for my present. I am humbled by the brilliant nature of God, and his design for my life. I’m grateful for my gifts, and my talents. I’m thankful for my hurdles, my storms, and my struggles for without them, I would not be the person I am today.

Everyone have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving.

What are you Thankful for?

And so we begin another wonderful week. That’s how we have to think of it, a week of wonder. This week kick starts the Thanksgiving festivities. I’ve already noticed the traffic is heavier, the stores are more crowded and the markets are selling out of inventory like hot cakes. Get ready, get ready, get ready. Anyway, I had a pretty chill weekend. Had a few mishaps by way of people and their negative energy. Even had some people discover my blog who seemed to almost be bothered by it. Like, really hating on a blog? Why? It’s not about you, it’s about me. It’s my style, my feelings, my way and it’s harmless. It’s a positive part of my life that I’ve started this blog. I absolutely enjoy it. I refuse to let negative energy from people who are afraid to get in touch with themselves stop my flow. So those negative persons can just keep reading, and keep checking, and I’ll keep doing me. I’ve met some nice people here who support what I do, so that’s all that matters. Sorry yall just had to get that brief little rant out. It’s done now J

This morning, I had a skirt on but when I went out it was raining and foggy, so I turned my behind around and totally changed my outfit, as I wanted to be comfortable and dry in the morning gloom. What I have on now is extremely comfy. It’s surprisingly warm today for this time of year.

Scatter brain moment: Did yall watch the American music awards last night? How bout those AMA’s. It was a hot mess if you ask me. When I was coming up, these award shows were the highlight of the year. The performances were always great, epic even, and we’d all discuss and share our favorite performances’, and singers for like the whole week. Lately, these award shows have not been good. It was just different. I was bored!

Anyhoo, this morning, the four year old asked me to take her picture for my blog… Yall might be unable to imagine the things this little girl thinks, does, and speaks. I told her yes, I’d take her picture and she told me once again that she should have her own blog! Lol…

Everyone have a blessed and safe week!

I’m wearing
Stripped button down- Anne Klein
Skinny Belt- (not sure)
Green Cardigan- H&M
Scarf- Burlington
Boots- Target
Watch- Gift

Four is wearing
White Graphic Tee- JC Penny’s
Roll up Jeans- Target
Lacoste Cardigan- Gift
Rain boots- Ross
Eye glass case/purse- The Children’s place




Fourteen is wearing
Jacket- Gap
Jeans- Wet Seal
Top- Forever 21
Boots- Nordstrom


Here a few different looks that I wore over the weekend. Nothing heavy. I went out Saturday night for a quick cup of tea with a friend. Since I put this outfit on so late and only had it on for about three hours, I recycled and remixed it by putting in some other pieces when I went out Sunday afternoon.




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Peace and blessings!


Happy Blog-aversary to me!!!
A month ago today, I officially started my blog. Even though it’s only been a month, I am so excited about all the things I’ve posted, the life my writing has taken, and the awesome responses I’ve had from you dear readers. I appreciate everyone who has braved it away with me as I have not specifically defined my blog, but have instead let the blog lead me. You have sat through my discoveries, my rambling, my me-isms and you have not complained. 🙂 You have been reading, and looking, and commenting and subscribing and I appreciate you. In honor of my one month blog-aversary, I am happy to announce my first give away! Yay!!! The contest will be really simple, and I hope you will enjoy it. The prize is a $50 Old Navy gift card.

Old Navy gift cards are great as they can be used online or in stores. And wouldn’t you know it would be there just in time for the holidays. Winning! Lol..
So please enter, encourage your friends to enter, and good luck to you.
Contest rules are as followed:
1.Must be a U.S. Resident
2.Follow my blog/sign up through email
3. Comment on any post of your choosing other than this one with the keywords: Cheap but Fabulous
Contest Begins Saturday November 19th and ends Monday November 27th 9pm EST

That’s it. Simple and rewarding. Help me celebrate and enter to win a $$$50 Old Navy gift card.

Thanks again for all your support! Peace and blessings!
aka CheapFabMom


Happy Friday! If your week was hectic and chaotic you may have been wondering like me, if you’d make it through at all. Well, just call me the Friday Fairy and deliverer of good news that you can now rest assured, as you have surely arrived. In honor of our having made it to Friday, I am free-styling it today. Free-styling my clothing, my thinking, my writing, that’s right, the whole 9. Now, just for a moment, let’s think about how much power and liberty the word “Free” contains.
Not imprisoned or enslaved; being at liberty. Not controlled by obligation or the will of another, Not affected or restricted by a given condition or circumstance, Unobstructed; clear, open; frank. To relieve of a burden, obligation, or restraint.

I absolutely love this word. I have found freedom in my relationship with God, freedom in my life and the choices I’ve made, finally, freedom in being me. If you are bound by disorganization and reckless chatter, freedom will be hard to achieve. However, if you develop or even borrow your own set of Me-isms to help you gain your freedom, you will be well on your way. Since it’s Friday, I’ve looked into the archives and wanted to share these things with you.

Rule #6 for maintaining a healthy you from the inside out. Loyalty: not only should you have a sense of loyalty to someone, you must also be loyal to yourself. Don’t be so quick to let other’s definitions of you make you betray your self. You are a viable human being, and giving up is disloyalty against oneself. Stay true and loyal to yourself first, and then to others, this way you are being the most authentic you can be.

Rule #7 for maintaining a healthy you from the inside out. Happiness starts from within. You should never expect another to make you happy, nor blame them for your unhappiness. Set a vision for yourself, then stop at nothing to achieve it. Keep self- motivated, looking towards the most important parts of you. Happiness is a state of mind, that you can achieve mainly because, it resides inside of you.

Rule #8 for maintaining a healthy you from the inside out
Don’t limit yourself in what it is that you can achieve in this life. Never tell yourself you can’t, because you can. Write a vision of what you truly want, believe that it’s achievable, and watch it come to fruition. Believe it.

Rule #9 for maintaining a healthy you from the inside out. Freedom- Don’t be bound by society, family, or others idea of who you should be. When you are true to yourself, you will inhabit the ability to be free. Some of us have no idea what it’s like to truly be free. Look first to your higher power and gain the strength needed to free yourself. Don’t be afraid, for those who truly love you, will accept you for who you are. When you remain true to yourself, you will be set free. This is when your best you will bloom and grow wild in the state of being free.

As always I pray that everyone will have an awesome and safe weekend!

Peace and blessings!

Here’s my freestyle Friday look:
High heels High Hops top- H&M
Blazer w/faux leather- thrifted
Skirt- old thrift(Too big, cut and stitched the bottom
Belt- Arden B
Boots- 9 west
Necklace-bday gift
Arm candy- Various











Hello Dears…
I haven’t been up to blogging in the past couple of days. I was gonna say I was super busy (and I was as usual) but also, even more than being busy, I wasn’t liking the way I was fitting in any of my clothes. But then I thought hey, it is what it is. I pride myself on being as transparent as possible here, and so I can honestly tell you that this lil extra weight is bugging the heck outta me! That’s truly why I haven’t posted. Ok, now that the air is clear, and I’ve been honest, I can move on. Today, I had such an epiphany. Ever had one of those days where it seems as if things are working against you rather than for you? Like, what is it, mess with cheapfabmom day? For starters, let’s just say, my job is really messing with me hard. Not just me, all of the employess. I don’t know if they are having a shake down, budget cut, survival of the fittest type of movement or what. But they were working my nerves today. I mean really.. I can’t go all Ham about it because it’s still my job that I am so blessed to have, but just know, your girl went a little bizerk on the 9 to 5 gig today. On top of that, I’ve experienced a little bit of hurt today. The worst kind of hurt is that of someone you love. It’s not an intimate relationship, lover or anything. It’s family. You know how it is when you’re hurt. You don’t understand why, what you’ve done, why they did it, or how you can fix it. I kinda wrecked my already fried brain today obsesssing in my head about the what, why’s, how. Until, I finally realized that sometimes their are issues even bigger than you can deal with in people and that someone else’s issue cannot occupy my state of mind. I’ve done good by this person. I have done nothing wrong. Truth! And so I have freedom in this. Sometimes you have to just allow people to release you, and you them. Praying and all, but I’m truly not the type to stay stuck, which means I’m so gone. I’m at that place now, but earlier, I was overly exhausted in my thinking. My job, this thing, and then another hit. Really? House out of order. That’s really all I can say about that. So, this thing comes up, then this other thing, now another thing, then thee thing of all things today. My vehicle broke down. It’s just been one thing after another with this vehicle. More money, more money, more money I have spent on this car. It went to the mechanic, because it was driving weird. Mechanic says, it’s the alternator. Then he takes something off, puts it back on and says it’s actually an electrical problem. Take it to an electrician. WHAT!!! Then, 40 mins later, my kid calls me and tells me, the car is dead. I call AAA to give it a hot shot, and the bum car won’t start. At this point I walked and I took a deep breath and began to praise God. Do you hear me, I was outside, in the rain, praising God. Because I now I understood why all these things were coming at me today. Ephiphany. The advasery was trying to break my stride, no actually, he was trying to break me. Like immediately, I knew that God has something so big and awesome in store for me, and the enemy was trying to block that. It made me praise harder. I am at the gate, and I am about to defeat the enemy. He already knows, once I open that gate, thats all she wrote. I thought, naw, I ain’t going down like that. The car is a small thing. In the grand scheme, all these things are small. I’m not going to stop praising, nor stop being ME for anyone. Even if I’m struggling, I wont stop fighting, I’m not going to turn my back on my heavenly father. I can’t stop, won’t stop. I am so proud of the person I am today. I don’t have to hide, or pretend to be something I’m not. I am human, I make mistakes, I cry, I struggle, I have my moments of distress and joy just as everyone else. But one thing I can say, is that I’m free. I’m not bound by the chaos of my mind because I have freedom in Jesus Christ. It was an awkward day at best, but I’m a survivor. And I can’t stop, won’t stop.

PS: I actually wrote this post yesterday, but exhaustion took over before I had time to post it last night, so I’m posting it today because it needs to be shared.

Peace and blessings

Here’s what I’m wearing:
Turquoise Top- Forever21
Cropped Glittered Jacket- thrifted
Slacks- Burlington
Nude pumps- Marshalls
Green Purse- Thrifted
Bracelets- H&M, Forever21
Necklace- Lori’s
Sunnies- daughter