Today is going to be crazy hectic for me. I am writing this post early morning but I have a strong suspicion that it will not see the light of day. Not this one anyway. I have a late morning meeting and I am ripping and running covering some last minute things. All is well though because for some reason, I work great under pressure. Ha!

Now, about my outfit of the day. I last wore this thrifted blazer here and wait a minute, also here . Actually, I’m pretty sure there is another post I have worn this blazer as well. So you get the picture, it’s pretty safe to assume that this thrifted Kasper blazer is one of my favs. I love the color, the feel of it, and the vintage appeal. The dress I’m wearing is another great find from the thrift store. I got this one back in May and it’s acutally a summer dress but it has a nice lining, and I felt like I could make it work for winter. So, I did just that. I love the brown polka dots. I took the belt off the dress and wrapped it around the blazer to give it a cohesive look. These shoes are the business! I love leopard or any kind of animal print. So I had to pair these shoes with this dress. What do ya think?
I’m wearing:
Target Merona dress- thrifted
Blazer- Thrifted
Brown Tights- Target
Shoes- Amsterdam Boutique
Bag- Ross Dress for less
Necklace- Lori’s
Earrings- Rashidagurl








And… How about that NeNe on last nights episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta talking about “vintage is used, I cannot wear somebody else’s clothes”. Like, eeeeelll, that’s nasty. Really NeNe? Come on now Flossy, you know good and well you have worn thrifted clothes before. She trips me out. So hoity toity now. I’m not really a NeNe Leakes fan. I use to adore her style and her keeping it real persona, but my soul is truly irked by people who constantly, incessantly brag about their material belongings. That is tacky! The whole I’m way to good to do vintage thing threw me for a loop. Excuse me, would you happen to have any grey poupon? Haha… NeNe, girl-bye!

Now check this out, my four year old daughter knows everything their is to know about working my iphone. I’ve had it for about a year, and she’s always worked it with great precison from the start. This morning she was playing music and singing along. I heard her blaring in a high falsetto, “I-ain’t- got-nothing-if-I-ain’t- got-youuuuuu” she went on to say something about 1+1 equals 2 and so forth. I silently listened and I was impressed that she knew EVERY word, the riffs, the runs, and hooks. She knew when to hit the high notes, she knew when to fade in and out. I’m thinking, maybe there is some talent here. She definately loves music as do all my children. That is something that we were just born with. Our strong connection to music goes back a long way. So many members of my family have outstanding musical ability. My grandmother is actually a very accomplished gospel singer so I know this lineage has something to do with our love of music. My little girl is always singing. I didn’t even know I had Beyonce on my IPod. Who downloaded that? Hmmmmm, I’m not all into Beyonce like that, I think she’s talented, but just… Well, I’m not going there on this post. I certainly KNOW it wasn’t me who downloaded “4”. Anyhoo, me and baby girl had a lil convo about it, and here’s how it went down. (completely true story)

Me: So how do you know all the words to that song?”
Lil Mamma: Because I just do because I just learned on my own.
Me: I guess you really like Beyonce huh?
Lil Mamma: Yes, and how about you Mommy, do you like her?
Me: ummm yea just a little. But tell me, what is it about her that you like?
Lil Mamma: I like her because she can sing, she can sing real, real good. I just love her voice. And I love all her songs!


I wasn’t no more good. I fell out. LOL. She was so serious about that thing. I asked her did she want to take singing lessons, and she told me, maybe but that she definitely wants to take dance classes. Ok little one. So, I guess it’s time. It’s very important that as parents we tap into our kids full potential and get them going in areas that they seem to have interest in, so they can gain more development in that area. It makes you wonder, what if certain gifts weren’t natured or given room to grow in certain individuals while they were kids. As parents, I think it’s so imperative that we help our children reach their full potential educationally, spiritually, mentally and nurture their talents and other natural abilities.

Peace and Blessings
(singing and dancing in front of the camera)





  1. julia Williams said:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Your outfit is so classic and well put together. I wish I could get my hair to stay round. I want to fro’ it out so bad.

    • Thx for the compliments on the outfit and This hair is so thick it will do anything I want it to except lay smoothly. I like the freedom in being natural tho, so I can’t complain. 🙂

  3. Your daugther is a cutie! At least she likes Beyonce for her talent I love the innocence of children, they are so pure and uncomplicated at times.

    I heard NeNe say that foolishness, I am sure if she got offered to wear some vintage Valentino or Gucci for an awards show she would be all over it, smh. At least Cynthia was keeping it real.

    Great outfit, I just got into animal prints, not lepoard shoes yet =( Your chunky heels look super comfy!

    • Yes! Yes! I think NeNe would beg to differ if offered a fab designer dress. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Galaxia said:

    I love how you accessorized your outfit! Thanks for telling us where you got your items; I especially love the tights and leopard heels. I don’t watch “real housewives”—shocking because I love reality shows! Should I? ; ) I was watching “basketball wives” but it got so violent…lost any class it had, I thought. Your daughter is sooo cute! It’s great that you’re so supportive of her interests, even at this young age.

    • Thanks for your lovely comments. RHOA is just like the rest of the reality shows. Crazy, drama, scripted entertainment. And yet.. I still watch 🙂
      Glad you stopped by. Thx!

  5. Tavia said:

    Baby girl is something else!!! She is adorable. 🙂
    Now let’s talk about this fit of yours…FAB! I love how this came together. Don’t you just love them shoes?!?

    Thanks for the kind comments and the follow…I am returning the fav! Yay!!!


    • Thanks for stopping by amd for the compliment.. Yes, I do love those shoes. Indeed!

  6. Im thinking about going natural myself I have just started the process..still a little hesitant. LOVE the outfit so chic! Love the darker tights with a pastel outfit its hot!

    • Jennifer, I was the same way. Waked it off in the summer and started letting it grow out in September. I still have those feelings here amd there missing my straight hair. But it goes away and I’m in love with my natural hair again! Lol.. It’s freedom girl. Thanks for the compliment!

  7. YES YES YES to this outfit!! I love it hunny you are woking it! So classy sophisticated chic! I agree with you on NeNe. I am soooo over her. Her “celebrity” has really gotten to her head. She know shes shopped at a few thrift stores before. Nene needs to take a seat! Lol. And you daughter is too cute! It really does sound like she has some talent budding in her. Sign her up for some vocal lessons (my mom did that for me when I was younger), Im sure she would love it!!


    P.S. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!! 🙂

    • That is whT I’m talking about Miss NeNe is a trip! Thanks for your lovely comments and for stopping by!

  8. Nicole Elmore said:

    I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT ( AS ALWAYSYS) You are such a great writer, I love how you capture your audience attention from the beginning and everything else just flows. I Love your style and Fashion Dee

    • Thanks!!! I appreciate you reading and listening to my ramblings! Lol.. Your comments are a welcome ray of sunshine!!

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