A star is born

WARNING: picture heavy
Hello Dears,
I hope you guys don’t mind, but I wanted to have a celebratory post in honor of my baby girl. Five years ago today I was blessed with a wonderful surprise (and I do mean surprise). Looking back, I can’t imagine my life with out this irresistible, charming, beautiful, fashionable, wise, and spunky little momma.
Happy 5th bday to my baby girl. She is truly a blessing. In celebration of her day, I wanted to do an outfit post of her from the past to the present which shows, this mini diva has been fashionable and chic since her humble beginnings  Lol..

Please enjoy

Everything she is wearing came from baby gap, gymboree, walmart, thrifted, target, old navy, and the children’s place.


















Peace and blessings

  1. julia Williams said:

    Oh my,look at my MUNCHKIN!!!!! Happy birthday Jordy. Grandma’s little blessing.

  2. She is sooooo cute. Happy Birthday little diva!


  3. Brad said:

    Tell her uncle Brad said happy b day. I can tell by the pics she’s a gifted child. Keep pressing, you are doing a fine job raising your kids.

  4. Letillia said:

    She is ADORABLE!!!! I just happened upon your blog and I am so Glad I did I read through some of it and I am LOVING it, I am your newest follower! I hope you can stop by my Blog when you get a chance. Be Blessed!


  5. Omgoodness! Your daughter is so adorable! And I love the sassiness in her poses! Go head lil mama lol. Happy birthday to her!!! I hope she has an amazing bday!

  6. Mary Conyers said:

    Precious pictures of Jordy! Such a pretty little girl. Happy Birthday to such adorable little girl.

    Love you Jordy!!

  7. Nicole Elmore said:

    Happy Birthday Jordy!!!!! Delisa she is so precious…
    I have been thinking of you Delisa and sending much love to you BEAUTIFUL LADY

  8. AWWWWW!! Little mini me’s lol so adorable everyone has such beautiful eyes thank you for sharing

  9. E. Louise said:

    I DO NOT Envy you having to comb that head!!! LOL She is toooo Precious! I wish her many more B’days!

    E. Louise


  10. Miss Dre said:

    I was thinking the same thing that E. Louise said! Baby girl has a head full of beautiful hair! I can’t imagine how long it must take you to do it, lol. She is so adorable 🙂 I wish her a very happy belated birthday and I hope she enjoyed her special day!!

  11. Jeeda said:

    Awwww tooo cute!!! I hope she enjoyed her day (in which I’m sure she did;). She has definitely been a lil’ ham since day one….lol. I’m about to sound like the old folks now “you bet not put no chemicals in that babies head…ya hear me”…lol great post babe!

  12. What a gorgeous, sweet child, so full of spirit.

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