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Ode to 2011

It’s so hard, To say goodbye to yesterdayyyy-eeee. Not!
I’m glad as ever it’s 2012. However, I can never forget some of the things that 2011 brought me. I’ve had some bad days, but I came through. Some pretty monumental times came too. Amazing experiences that I can never forget. Reflecting back on the year, it wasn’t so bad at all, for I had some of the best joys of my life. Take a trip with as I tell a 2011 story through pictures and words.

The 2011 photo-story lookbook.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer, nor is my camera of the highest quality. Most pics were taking with my kodak or iPhone. My quality lies in my content.

It’s me- prior to natural hair
I’m wearing:
Tank- Walmart
Leopard sweater- Forever21
Necklace- Forever21
Jeans- not shown

I’ve had some proud Momma moments. One of my proudest 2011 memories was when my daughter (15) and son (12) were baptized. (Twenty was baptized when she was twelve and my four year old isn’t ready yet) Gee, was I proud, and oh so happy. Seeing my kids get baptized, it was an awesome feeling.



I’m not proclaiming that I’m the best mommy but,

20120102-010426.jpg it is my best joy.

After morning service, this is what we usually do:

Sunday breakfast. WE EAT!!

I usually have way more camera time with Miss thang #4. That’s mostly because she is always picture ready and eager to pose for the camera. Those other three avoid the camera like the plague!
Easter Sunday Four is wearing:
Dress- The Children’s Place
Purse- The Childen’s Place
Shoes- Target
Ruffle socks- ? Gift from G-ma

Son Twelve is wearing:
Graphic Tee- The Children’s Place
Khaki Blazer- The Children’s Place
Jeans- The Childrens’s Place

Another highlight and proud moment I was blessed to have was being able to buy my daughter (twenty) her first car. Happy, happy, happy. She needed it! Working, college, deserving!



Here’s a cute outfit post. I’m wearing:
Denim Top- Walmart
Pencil skirt- Forever21
Belt- Arden B
Purse- Burlington
Cable knit tights- Marshalls
Necklace- Burlington
Boots- ?


Watching your kids grow up right before your eyes is definitely a humbling experience. I’m such a punk, and surely shed a tear as my daughter, then age 14 went off to 8th grade prom


This girl been clicking around in my heels since she was a tot

20120102-013124.jpgand she certainly rocked in these pumps
She wore:
Dress- Macy’s
Shrug, Necklace, Earrings Forever21
Clutch- From cousin
Shoes- Barefeet

Four went and had an eye exam, and walked out with a pair of glasses. Looks adorable in them too!


Leaving church

20120102-014059.jpg school picture

When twenty first went off to college, she was living on campus. During that time, her hair was unkept. I have always done the girls hair, we don’t do hairdressers/stylist,etc. Who can afford that? Certainly not a single mom of four on a budget. I’ve always done their hair. Well, my college bound kid couldn’t so much as put a ponytail in her hair, nor wrap it. A curling iron…. Forget about it. She has been natural for three years, so it wasn’t chemicals that killed it. It broke off really bad and eventually we just made some decisions about it. She went from this:

20120102-014623.jpg to severely chopped and screwed hair so, I cut it to this:


20120102-014907.jpg well, that worked out for a while, but she went back to school and couldn’t maintain that either, so I cut it to this

20120102-015152.jpg and this has been working for her. Soon after, she decided she didn’t want to stay on campus anymore and she came back home! For all that, I coulda bought her tresses back to life… Kids, kids, kids.. Moving right along

I’ve had a hair journey of my own. I big chopped in June 2011 and have not had any creamy crack(relaxer) on my hair since then. This hair journey is not easy at all. So many nights I fingered my hair thinking, I should just relax it now. I miss my straight hair atleast once a week, but I’ve stuck it out. This natural hair has given me freedom. It certainly was a big move for me in 2011 because I change my hair like all the time. Check the before and the after



My first and only hair weave(so far) lol..


20120102-021407.jpg my hair has always been super super thick and pretty healthy.. So anyway, natural journey begins-the big chop.. Yikes





20120102-022400.jpg it’s growing back now! I’m about ready for those protective styles like braids or a even a weave.

Ok, I know I’ve said this a few times, but this has got to be one of the best experiences of 2011. The day me and my daughter met rapper/actor/my husband 🙂 Common. I was leaving work, and riding through downtown and their he is. Filming a movie. I called my daughter and told her what and who I just seen and to get their immediately. She arrived and I told her to park the car. Not only did we meet him, but the producer guys asked me and my daughter to be extra’s in a scene. He was so nice and humble. So willing to talk to the mob of people who were their. He signed autographs, shook hands, and his energy was just.. Em… saying something to me! All those people out there, and they just happened to choose me and my child. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never been like starstruck or anything because afterall, they are just people. But I was going gaga. Mesmerized. That is one beautiful man.



20120102-023157.jpg peep how constipated me and my daughter look while posing with Common

20120102-023904.jpgLOL.. STARSTRUCK!!!! You just never know what may happen, or when. We weren’t expecting to meet a celebrity and see him filming a movie in our city, and then get asked to be an extras in that movie. That was favor! That is one experience my daughter and I will always have and never forget.


For my 2011 birthday I had a small
impromptu party. I had such a great time and felt so much love as friends just kept showing up. We had a blast!

20120102-030037.jpgLine dancing.. And Yes!!! I was getting it in!



More family fun




At the airport waiting for a flight

Fifteen be looking like she on the runway sometimes. Ha!



This concludes my 2011 photo lookbook. If you stuck around to the end of this post, I commend you because it’s extra long. Forgive me, I was getting carried away. The point wasn’t to brag or glory in anything, but to remind myself and others that even in the midst of our storms, (and I did have some 2011 storms) We are still blessed. The year wasn’t as bad as I thought, and it was surely better than 2010. God is good!

I hope you all enjoyed it. Have you done any reflecting over the past year? If you haven’t, please do and recognize, you’ve had more good times than bad.

Now, let’s get this 2012 party started right! The year of new beginnings! I’m excited for you, and for me.

Peace and Blessings,