Mommy with the fire. Mommy with the rage.

I am furious. I have to delay my other post because this issue is rising in me and I need to vent. Now you tell me. When you send your baby to preschool, do you expect that they will be unmonitored to the point of picking an open container up off the playground and drinking from it? Go ahead, gag a moment as I surely did when I got the phone call this afternoon from five’s school. It was not just that it happened but the whole scenario from top to finish. Let me replay this conversation for you.

Teacher: Mom I was just calling to let you know that J is sitting in the office because she drank a juice.

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t follow you.

Teacher: she drank a juice and now she is sitting in the office and she wasn’t the only one, it was four other kids that drank the juice.

Me: I’m sorry but I’m not understanding what your telling me. Where did the “juice” come from.

Teacher: It was outside on the ground and I was cleaning up the playground and when I turned around the kids were drinking the juice.

Me: you are telling me that my child drank an open container of God knows what while you were suppose to be watching her on the playground?

Teacher: yes but I was cleaning up on the playground and she is fine and I told her that she can’t eat anything off the ground.

Me: Put my daughter on the phone NOW!!

I spoke to my child. She was crying a little thinking that she would get into trouble. I asked her what happened and she gave me more information than the stupid teacher that tried, unsuccessfully I might add to downplay the matter. Apparently it was a soda bottle, assumed to be lemonade. The kids found it, and they all took a sip. Ok, that was all I needed to know. Put the teacher back on.

Me: what were you doing while my child was drinking that filth?

Teacher: I was cleaning up but u know it was a lot of trash out there and it was juice in the bottle. I smelled it.
(this is when I faded to black)
Me: Are you kidding me lady. Really, it was “juice”? How do you know? Did you taste it? DID YOU TASTE IT? right, I know you didn’t so don’t tell me what was in the bottle. Do you understand the seriousness of your neglect here. Things do happen, accidents do occur, but the last time I checked, it’s suppose to be three teachers with the class at all times and you are telling me that while you “picked up trash” with your backed turned to a class full of five year olds that none of the other team caught these kids before the act occurred?
Nobody noticed the filth littering the playground before hand to possibly clean it before the kids went outside? No I’m sorry, actually I’m not sorry but this is unacceptable.

The teacher was nonchalant. It was almost like she was a robot, reading a script. Of course this intensified my anger. During the conversation, she never once apologized but seemed more to place the blame on the kids. I immediately emailed my pediatrician who called me back 20 minutes later. I was like ready to take the child in for a cocktail. The doctor told me to moniter her for changes such as fever, vomiting, and diarrhea.

I called the school back an hour later and spoke to the assistant director. The nonchalant nature was in the air around there. She was the same way, and so, I had to wild her out too. Her tone was condescending and that did it for me. I can’t even say word for word. Just know, this ain’t over.

I had to pray. I was so upset I had to pray to calm down to clear my head to think straight. I’m watching my girl and I’m trusting that God covered her and the other kids from any illness or aftermath of this. I explained that she should never, ever pick up things from the ground and she knows this. But the bottom line is she is just a baby. Kids have to be watched. It wasn’t her fault. I blame the staff. They dropped the ball. Again, I received no apologies from any staff. The way they handled it was tacky, unprofessional, and blasé. I just can’t. The school year is almost over, and I have to earn my paycheck so I will have to set up other plans for five. Things are gonna have to happen now because my child has to be removed from that preschool. I just can’t have her in an environment that I have doubts about. This ain’t no free school either, I pay tuition. I pay for an award winning preschool that dropped the ball today.

They would have to work really hard to redeem theirselves from this one. I’m already in the process of setting up my meetings. Im just, so blown.

Am I overreacting? How would this make you feel if this happened to one of your babies? What would you do?


  1. julia williams said:

    I quess you ae upset,I am too. she was following the leader,normally, she wouldn’t do that. You know I’m here whatever you decide.

  2. Rita Ross said:

    OMGness!!! That is unbelievable & unacceptable! I’m sure the staff would have all had different attitudes if those innocent children had passed out as a result of staff neglect. I think u should follow thru with your plans. God bless each one of those children.

    • Exactly! Oh and I forgot to mention that an hour passed before I was even notified. I discovered this when I tracked the time of the call against the time that they wrote the tacky a** incident report. I’m just…. Blown.
      Pray my strength and thanks for reading!

  3. No you not overreacting and to be honest, why are the kids playing in filth? Kinda school is this? I am angry myself at reading this. You paying and these people can’t keep the playground clean. WTH? I wish I was there to show my outrage but it is better that I ain’t. It is a nasty world we live in. We don’t have room for these kind of mistakes. SMH! I agree with what you said. I would take her out of that school. They are too irresponsible.

    • See you are feelimg like me. If your that upset and Imagine me. Ladies, in the past this school has been good to me. As I said before, it’s an award winning preschool. Four years in a row. That’s basically based on curriculum. The school itself is clean and well kept that’s why the “cleaning the playground” didn’t make dice to me. I found out this morning that the incident happened off sight at the baseball field. Ok, strike two, the lied. The baseball field is a few blocks from the school. Although the school is good, the area isn’t the best. I live in a completely different area. The school is in the city. I live in the county. Not close at all. I say this to stress the point that I travel all this way with my daughter because the school was a good one. Total inconvenience in terms of distance and this is what I get back. I’m done. I can’t wait to see how this will unfold in the coming weeks. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted!
      Thanks so much for your concern, and prayers.

  4. I dont think you overreacted @ all!! I would have handled it in the same manner. Some teachers these days have become real lack in their job and I feel like some of them don’t give a darn about the kids. My prayers to all the little ones involved and I pray you find something better for 5 real soon!

    Be Blessed,

  5. Qsmith said:

    no you are not you should have call the news , i am so serious because we understand the seriousness of this and the school needs to know also CALL THE NEWS AND REPORT THEM .

  6. Brad said:

    You didn’t over react. And how did a group
    Of four children make it that far from the playground. On top of that they left that part out, they can’t be trusted. Their more concerned with their rep than the well being of your child. When in doubt always go with your gut, which 10 out of 10 times is the Lord leading you. I thank God my niece is ok.

  7. Absolutely not! You are not overreacting. I do not know how I would have behaved had this happened to Seven and Five, but the outcome would not be pretty! Your child along with the other children could have ingested something lethal, for crying out loud. And why is a used bottle of anything just laying on the playground anyways? And no apology either? Miss Thing should lose her job for this and the other staff members should be investigated or something. It makes you wonder what else happens at this place that doesn’t get reported.

    Please follow through with your plans. If not, who knows? Next time it could be worse and someone’s child could be seriously injured because of the neglect.

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