Color me Scandal

Last night’s episode of scandal was explosive!!! Omg. You all watched Scandal right? I can’t believe that Mr President has me rooting for him even though he’s cheating on his wife. Not only did he fall in love with Liv but he slept with Amanda Tanner. I’m not supposed to like him and his sorted past right? But yet, I love him. And let’s talk about Olivia Pope. How can Fitz not love everything about her, hell, I’m in love with her my damn self. She’s powerful, resourceful, strong, beautiful, brilliant, she gets the job done and… the leader of the free world loves her. Olivia Pope is bad to the bone!

By the middle of last nights episode we learned how the web was spun and how Fitz and Liv became one.

Not that I needed an explanation, as I believed in them all along. Even though I know it could never work. Fitz can’t leave Millie for Liv, not if he expects to continue to run the country. Now Liv who cleans everyone’s messes is confronted by a mess of her own. How will she salvage herself? Her reputation? How will she save her beloved Fitz? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I’m going to be right there watching every minute of it.

Can you believe next week is the season finale. It’s too soon. I’m not ready to let these characters go. I’m a slave to this Thursday night ten o’clock slot. Shonda Rhimes is brilliant. This Gray’s Anatomy extraordinar has truly outdone herself. I want to pick her brain. I wanna know how she has hooked America. Actually, I want to know why the hell she let Billy bad azz stab Gideon with a pair of scissors. Boom! I felt embarrassed as I screamed out at the TV extremely loud, “NO!!”. My kids bust into my bedroom to see if I was ok. Lol.. This show had me going. I really didn’t know when I started watching several weeks ago that Gideon would be bleeding to death on the floor of the VP’s man main. Billy was the father of Amananda Tanners baby. Gideon uncovered it all. Ah ha! Well, I didn’t see that coming either. Shonda Rhimes got me again. Did the VP possibly set the whole thing up? Or Did Billy’s ambitions take control? He just used Amanda, and even though she got caught up, in the end, she wanted to do the right thing. But her end, came to soon. I hope the reporter in Gideon made him smart enough to make a record of his findings before he went and confronted Billy. He had to know if he was spot on, Billy wouldn’t risk being found out. Poor Gideon. Poor Quinn. Poor Fitz. Poor Liv.. My heart aches for them all.

Is somebody is gonna die next week?

If Shonda Rhimes was my auntie, I would stalk her home all the time. I would follow her incessantly. I would harass her until she told me all I needed to know. “When will season 2 return Auntie Shonda”.. Lol..
I would bribe her with family secrets until she played me an advance copy of next weeks finale. This is serious business. I haven’t been excited about a TV show like this in years.

All jokes aside. It’s wonderful to see an african-american screenwriter bring provocative, edgy, political, and sheer genius to TV. It’s also refreshing to see an African-american woman portrayed this way. Kerry Washington delivers week after week. Olivia Pope is a woman’s woman. I love me some Scandal. And by the way, her fashion rocks! From Diane Von Furstenburg to Escada, to Valentino and yes.. Armani. Liv’a wardrobe is dying to meet me. I’d totally rock the business classy look everyday of the week. Let’s not even talk about girlfriends shoes.



I’m having a Scandal Party next week and your all invited!!!

(I will post the happenings of Dee part 2 later, this post couldn’t wait)

Peace and Blessings,

  1. julia williams said:

    This is the BADDEST show on this season. I thought Person of Interest was my favorite, it’s # 2. Can’t wait til next week.

  2. Girl… I am so in love with Olivia Pope it’s ridiculous! I posted about her fashion yesterday!

    It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a show and for the show’s star to be an African American woman (on Primetime TV at that) I was all for it. Liv is powerful, professional, and girlfriend knows her stuff. And the chemistry between her and the President is soooooo real. I root for their love though I know I shouldn’t and it sucks. I have to know if this show will be picked up for another season!!!!!

    Is it crazy that I want tomorrow to be Thursday so I can see the season finale already? lol

  3. Mary Conyers said:

    I can’t stop laughing at you! You are all up in this show.

    • So it seems you are all feeling me. You agree, this show is steaming hot.

  4. Scandal is EVERYTHING! Easily one of my fav shows right now 🙂

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