Whose that girl?? Hmmmm, I’m a woman who happens to be a mom (my greatest joy), who happens to be a writer (my greatest love).
The content of my blog will mostly explore life issues. As well as some entertainment, fashion, beauty and things of that nature. What you’ll read is who I am. I’m currently on a journey of empowerment, freedom, self discovery, entrepreneurship, love and honoring the truth of who am I. You know the type. Lover of God, lover of words, humble, deep thinking, spirtual, serious, totally emotional, artistic, clever, a little bit crazy, a little bit funny, and a little bit of read you from right to left if pushed to the limit. Say what you mean and mean what you say kinda girl. Either it is or it isn’t type of chic. Brutal honesty here. My opinion may not always side with the masses, and I’ve been known to be different in that way. I think outside the box. I write outside the box. You might see things written in slang, and humor. I might appear strong, and other times completely vulnerable. But what you won’t see is who I’m not. It’s just Dee. Raw, uncut, and out the box. I’m on a journey. I’m a mom who is totally fabulous. And yes, I write it all down.
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  1. Hannah and Val said:

    Hi Ms. De’Lisa! This is Hannah. Mom and I are visiting your page. I like your pictures and your style. 🙂 ~hannah

    • Hey Han and Val. Thank you so much for stopping by. Make sure that your mom moderates the post before you see them to make sure they are appropriate for you to view. It’s awesome that you like my style. It means so much coming from a God-Diva like you! *wink*
      please come and visit my blog again. xoxo

  2. benny said:

    Hey lisa its black.Told u i was gonna stop by n show sum luv….everythings awsome as always,keep up the gud wrk…ttyl.

  3. Nicole Elmore said:

    You inspire me De’Lisa!! Love all that you are doing

  4. Rita said:

    Hey De’Lisa…this is your cousin Rita from Ga. SURPRISE!!! After viewing your blog, I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me! I also have recently started a meal journal and holding myself accountable for what I eat and drink. Your blog kept my interest and the pix are great. Plz continue what you are doing; it will go very far. XOXO…Rita

  5. Hey, De’Lisa! A “Jesus Freak” with style! I love it!! Can’t wait to read your posts. -Lori

  6. ~S said:

    Long time, no post, you are being missed around here 🙂

  7. Michelle Sanders said:

    Hey DeLisa – Great Job Cousin – GOD, Style & Grace makes a great recipe for success and for the success of your kids. I’d love to follow this blog for some positive outlook on life both in giving and receiving from your followers. Peace and Love. Michelle

  8. Hi De’ Lisa,

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    Thank you and continue to inspire others !

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