blog award

Well what do you know. I’m a versatile blogger. When I read those words on my twitter TL, I couldn’t believe it. I thought me? Is this some joke? A scam? A mistake? I couldn’t believe it. After taking it all in and reading more about it, I realized I was indeed a nominee. I think it’s quite an honor and I totally thank fellow blogger Right-click savefor nominating me. I love her blog, her style, and her natural ability to keep me in stitches. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please be sure to do so.

I was nominated, but in order to be an award recipient I have to follow a few rules. The rules are as followed:

1. I must thank the blogger who nominated me for the award and provide a link back to them in my post.
2. I must share 7 random things about myself.
3. I must pass the award along to 15 recently discovered blogs I enjoy reading.
3. I must contact my chosen bloggers via Facebook, twitter, email etc, to let them know about the award.
4. I must add the versatile Blogger award picture on my blog post.


Now on to these random things about myself. Right, like you care! Lol..

1.I have zero tolerance for foolishness and things annoy me easily, I will cut someone off who is getting on my nerves too bad. (sorry, I can’t)

2. I’m shy and kinda quiet, but don’t rub me wrong, or it’s on.

3. Hot tamales are my favorite candies, and no, I don’t like to share them. Lol..

4.I’m a former house-head, definition: lover of house music and clubs/partying Still love house, no longer into clubs/partying.

5. I use to sing in a gospel group, and still sing in the shower 🙂

6. I can do hair, cut, barber, weaves, design nails, etc.., but I don’t like too.

7. I’ve been working in the healthcare industry for the past thirteen years.

Last but not least, on to my favorite part of th post. Where I get to pay homage to my fellow bloggers. These are blogs that I’ve discovered, enjoy, and implore you to visit.
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Kingdom Heritage
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Pout Perfection
Minister of style
Journee is Unique
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Cherrie Amore
I wanna be…Fierce
Happy Reading!
And super-dooper thanks again for the nomination. Right-click save said she did the Stanky leg, and just like her I followed suit. No picture of proof, but here I am grinning from ear to ear.


Peace and Blessings,