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Hello Dears
How was your Mother’s day? Mines was nice. I’m happy that the day turned out beautifully. I had a ton of calls and well wishes and this absolutely warmed my heart. It was bittersweet. Of course I was missing my own Mom, I didn’t have a major breakdown, instead I spent the time reflecting on how fortunate I am to have had my mother for the time that I did. Many people loose their Mom’s at an age when they are too young to even remember, so I’ve learned to keep it all in perspective. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I thank God for my step-mom and the other mothers who have been that listening ear, that shoulder, and that wise tongue when I needed it. Still, ain’t nothing like your own. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t enter my mind. I honor her by being the best mother I can be to my own children. Speaking of which. Those little darlings of mine never cease to shock and amaze me. I had the most wonderful gift, and the delivery was all orchestrated and everything. They gave me my gift inside an Adidas shoe box. I’m thinking, ok sneakers. When I open the box, it’s a Macy’s gift bag inside. Hmmmm, this is getting interesting. I see a small black box inside the Macy’s bag with the words Michael Kors etched on it. This is when I lost it. I ripped the top off and I saw this beautiful watch. Yes!!! I screamed. I’ve been wanting this watch for a while. My oldest daughter knows it, we’ve both admired it on several occasions. I just didn’t expect it for Mothers day. I was happy with it and totally surprised. They all kept the secrect even little miss five who was at the store when it was purchased. I kissed them all like a maniac momma. I know it was a little manic because they were screaming out” Ma! Please stop”… That just made my day. I just love this watch. Isn’t it gorgeous


20120514-154945.jpg I think it looks pretty good on my wrist. All sized and everything perfectly for me!

We went out Sunday morning and by 2 pm, I was done. All I wanted to do was go home and lay in my bed and nap. My daughter fifteen waited on me hand and foot. Later, she served me dinner in bed. Even though, I cooked the dinner the night before, it was still much appreciated. I couldn’t imagine trying to dine out for dinner, with the crowds, forget about it. As a matter of fact, once I came in, I had no intentions on leaving out, and that was just fine with me.

Friday night, we had crabs. YUM!!
Saturday the kids did all the laundry for me. YAY!!!
Sunday I received my hearts desire. HOORAY!!!
I’ll say my weekend and my mothers day was splendid. I don’t need fire works, or a weekend get a way. I need just what I had. The love of my family and the gift of being a mom.

How about you all? How was your day and what did you have special planned. I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day.

Peace and Blessings

(This post is picture heavy)

Hello everyone. Happy Holidays to you all. This was such a blessed time with family and friends. It’s the most wonderful time of year. People genuinely seem more caring, loving, and thoughtful. I also understand that for some, this time of year brings great sadness because of the lost of their loved ones. My heart goes out to those, as I know all to well the ache that resides in your heart out of missing someone who has left this life. A co-worker was having a serious emotional blow, as she had just lost her Mom three months ago. All week, I saw a sadness in her eyes and when she finally did breakdown, I was right there. I believe God wanted me by her side at that moment because I happened to be the only other co-worker that had lost a mother. I walked, talked, laughed, cried, and prayed with my co-worker. It was very emotional and healing. I thank God for giving me the strength to be there for someone else and for allowing her to release what she’d been holding in all week. Lord knows, I miss my mother in ways I cant even express, but I also know, it has gotten easier to deal with over the years. I always imagine my mom’s radiant smile watching my kids opening presents on Christmas morning. I find comfort in that.











I was on a mission this season to really expound on the true meaning of Christmas to my kids, and I feel extremely good about that. I’ve had these chats with all my kids over the years, but I drilled it hard this time. The four year old was the most challenging to convey the message to. I’m telling her their is no Santa and her classmates have told her differently. I didn’t want her to go back and ruin it for them because that’s not my place. I told her, Santa doesn’t visit us, maybe he does visit your friends but God blesses Mommy so that she is able to buy you nice presents. I think she got it. I told her all about the birth of Jesus, his parents, the manger, and the sacrifice he made so that we could live. She said, “and now he’s in the sky right Mommy”? “Because he died for you and me right Mommy”? Ah ha! Don’t underestimate small children. They listen, and soak up knowledge like a sponge and they remember. They watch us and they mimic our actions, and learn our behavior. Her concepts are a little fuzzy, but still her understanding is brilliant for a four year old. I keep quizzing her periodically and for the most part, she is on point.

The birth of Jesus is the most important contribution known to man. When I think about it, I always get overwhelmed and my heart leaps for the birth of Christ. To be born so that I could live. So that I could be saved. I can never articulate my true feelings about this, because the feelings are too great for words. All day long, I just said out loud, Happy Birthday Jesus! Thanking God for his son. My pastor preached an awesome message on Christmas morning.

I ate a little more than I should have over the past few days. It’s alright though, because I feel fine about it. We went to visit a few different family members, and the food was great. Day #2 and I look like I should move away from the table. After I’ve had my fill, now I’m sick of eating it, I’ve had enough! Lol..


We were truly blessed this holiday season. I received some nice gifts. Very loving and thoughtful gifts. My kids were triple blessed. I love watching their faces light up with excitement while ripping their gifts apart. I love receiving, but also enjoy giving. My four year old ended up with six coats.

That’s right six really nice coats. I was very happy, but also knew she didn’t need six coats. Two were purchased by me, and the other four were gifts. I thought, this is a great time to teach her the value of giving to someone else. She was all for it, and picked out a coat and a recipient right away. My son also ended up with three coats. I’m telling you, we were blessed! When your blessed, you have to bless someone else. So, I figure it’s the perfect time for a giveaway. I’ve already given away one coat, and still have two size 5 girls coats both are fitting a little too snug, and one size 10/12 boys coat that is too small for my son.. Their are no rules, or no follow guidelines for this giveaway, I just feel compelled to share our blessings. I don’t have gift receipts and have no clue where the coats were purchased so return options are out. If any of you, my readers know anyone in need, direct them here. Just tell me the coat you want and whoever does that first will have it. It’s that simple. I will leave my email address at the end of this post so that the winner can give me their contact info, and I will mail the coat through united states postal service within 10 days.

Here are the coats up for grabs. Aren’t they adorable?


Here are a few pics I snapped of the kids throughout the last few days. I took not one outfit picture of myself. It’s been so much excitement going on for the past few days, I honestly forgot.


She had a ball on her new scooter and looks fashionably cute in here dinosaur helmet(walmart)






20111227-164531.jpg she loves this pillow pet, a gift from great-gma.








I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday. So tell me, Did you get any good gifts?

Peace and blessings,

Happy Tuesday Dears,

I am declaring for all of us that we will have an excellent week, and even if something goes wrong, I’m trusting that God will see us through. Yes!!! The great sustainer. So, how was everyone’s weekend?? You already know how mines was.  And now…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Have you all finished Christmas shopping or are you carrying a late pass?

On black Friday “Rashidagurl”  had a fabulous sale at her Etsy online shop. I had been swooning over those earrings for a few weeks, so I took advantage of the sale and ordered some. Last week when my daughter called to tell me that had arrived in the mail, I was so excited and she was excited too, “Ooh Ma, can I open this package and see your earrings, and the package, the way she wrapped it is sooooo cute”.. NO! I screamed at her. I want to see the pretty packaging too (I’m terrible) lol.. The wrapping was very cute and the earrings are so adorable. Different, unique, bright, bold, I love them!! My son said to me, “they look very 80’s”… This coming from someone born in the new millennium.. These kids know too much these days. He was right though, and that’s one of the things I love about them. I wore them to church and got tons of compliments on them. Thanks Rashida for producing such an amazing work of art. Be sure to check out her shop and see some of those amazing earrings. Here I am sporting mines below.

I am in love with these earrings and cannot wait to wear them again.

Guess what? I am finished Christmas shopping. I am not stressing about it. Thank God!! And I am making an effort to really expound on the whole meaning of Christmas to my children. Not the fluffy, watered down version that some of us tell our kids, but the real deal. I wish people wouldn’t sink into depression and constant worry over gifts. I feel that if the focus were shifted to where it belongs, that would cut out the stress that many people feel during the holidays. I like giving and receiving gifts too, but that is not going to be my main focus on Christmas. It’s when we celebrate the birth of Christ. To me, nothings more important. Me and the kiddies are going to be in church, celebrating the life of Christ. What are your plans for Christmas?

On my job, we are having 10 days of gift giving secret Santa style. Below you will find some of my choices. If you are looking for some gifts on a discount, here a few ideas that are nice and won’t break the bank.

  1. Gift cards -you can never go wrong with gift cards. Almost every store has them and you can get them in $10, $20, $50 dollar denominations and above. I learned this trick from my children’s grandmother a few years ago as she said gift cards were a lot less stressful than trying to buy gifts for nine grandkids.
  2. Gift cards to a favorite restaurant or to the movies .I have been given both and they do come in handy.  

3. A nice sweater -Old Navy and Target have nice sweaters for the entire family.Most of the selections are on sale so how can you go wrong.

4. A foot massager -A great way to calm down and relax after a long day and very affordable too.

 I have to tell you about gift idea #5. For the last seven days or so, I had been having headaches off and on. I’d take pain relievers and the relief I had was brief, if any at all. I am a migraine sufferer, but only during certain times. I also have sinus and allergy issues and this constant headache had me thinking that it’s the culprit. My daughter reminded me of an anti-stress/sinus pillow I had purchased over a year ago, but had never used. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even remember having it. I purchased it at Bath Bed and Beyond. It has some kind of ionic beads inside and you are to heat the eye pillow in the microwave at 30 second intervals and then wrap over your forehead. The warm compression is to relieve sinus and tension headaches. You can also use it as a cold compress over your eyes to relieve puffiness. When I wrapped it around my forehead, I immediately began to feel relief. Within minutes my nose felt less constricted, and I was really digging this thing. I used it twice more that night and have not had a headache since. I am sold. If you know anyone who has sinus/allergy or suffers migraines, this  inexpensive gift would be a welcomed addition.

  1. Earth Therapeutics Anti-stress/Sinus pillow – you can find it here at Amazon, bed bath and beyond, kohl’s and Ulta .
  2.  Movies/DVD’s from Wal-Mart –Wal-Mart sells some of their DVD movies for as low as $5. This is especially a great gift for those movie buffs you may know.
  3. Photo calendar – this is such a  good gift for those relatives and friends that live out of state. I can just see my face lighting up every time I turn to a new month in the year and see someone who I love.
  4. Ematic 4G, video player w/built in 3’’ touch screen, 5MP video camera, radio, and E-Book reader -This device is so cute and comes in a variety of colors. It reminds me of an iphone. I think this gift is good for teens, and adults. You can see and purchase it here .
  5. Watches- How can you go wrong with a nice watch and you don’t have to spend loads of money to get a nice watch.
  6. Stocking stuffers- This is has always been a great gift of mine. Get a stocking, decorate it, and fill it with things that the recipient will love. You can get lotions, shaving creams, socks, jewelry and lots more inside of a stocking.

I do hope that you all are having a great week and keeping it stress free on all avenues. Don’t let the Christmas season bog you down, for this is the season of great cheer. I love that song that goes “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. And if you so happen to be looking for savings on a nickel, feel free to cop some ideas from my ten things.

 Peace and blessings