It’s amazing the talents that our kids posses and we don’t have a clue. Well. I’m guilty of not knowing a few things. Me, with all my probing and utter nosiness, still managed to be completely unaware that my son is a baby poet. He has a small book that he’s been working on since the beginning of the school year. His teacher sent it to me, with an inclosure detailing how great his writing and poetry had become. It was graded A++ and I was grinning from ear to ear! He got it from his Momma. Finally, one of them takes a little bit of what I have to offer. He was shy about it, but I could sense he really enjoyed the attention, and the acknowledgement of his work. Now I’m in his ear, like hey son, let’s write some poetry! Ha!

There are several tidbits of loveliness in his poems and he agreed to let me post a few of my favorites from his little book.
As the flowers were blooming, so was I. Born in a busy hospital room.
My Mom crying tears of joy.
My Dad, patiently holding her hand.
I came too fast for the doctor, the the way I am- sudden.
To hear my Mom tell it, I was full of life and very happy.
They named me Donte’ Julian. Donte after my uncle and Julian after my great-grandad.
They had a plump baby boy that was smiling 24/7.
They got me just the way I was supposed to be, with a fondness for laughing at the silliest things and being excited and hopeful for the future.
I am
A skipping pebble, hopping off the water.
I am a small swift chipmunk, weaving through the trees.
I am a growing 12 year old boy at the peak of my prime, like the glowing orange sun
I am the busy New York City
I am a speeding cyclone, wrecking the world with my wit and intelligence.
Like an extravagant fireworks show on the 4th of July
I am Donte’
I dream that I was in a place where everything was exciting, colorful, and bright.
Like a huge rainbow
Everywhere I looked I saw children playing and Popsicles melting.
I could forever hear the sound of laughter and joy.
Everything felt so happy and joyful.
Like a breezy summer day.
This land was everyone’s comfort place, an adventure, a wonderland.

Awwww, weren’t those poems adorable. I just love them and all the potential. I ask him if he enjoys writing and he tells me, it’s ok. Naturally, I want him to love it as I do. Anyway, this situation just reminds me that I need to dive a little deeper into the minds of my children. You never know what secret talents they may be harboring. I know that my oldest daughter is an excellent artist, I mean can draw like nobodies business, but she isn’t passionate about it. I use to encourage her in it, and had her in all types of activities geared towards the arts, but as she got older, she strayed away. Lately, I’ve been nagging her about drawing me a cheap fab mom logo. I’m still waiting. Lol..
I know that my 15 year old is very creative in the arts and fashion. She alters almost every piece of clothing she owns in some way or another and it’s always easy on the eyes. The stuff she comes up with is fabulous. Extremely creative. The five year old told me she wants to be on the stage and I believe her. She can dance and sing very well. For those of you who have children, do they have any hidden talents? Some that maybe you weren’t aware of? Perhaps you already know and have been sleeping on it, or you are unaware like I was. As my grandmother would say, “one things for certain, and two things for sure”, It’s time we tap into these young minds and roll out the carpet to carry them to their fullest potential.

Oh yea, notice anything? Anything? Well let me help you out. I have been consistent with my post this past week. Yay me!!! I think it has to do with the fact that my stress level is down a thousand since I left that place I use to work at. I’ve had a lovely week. I’ve been settling nicely into my new role and doing a lot of compliance training and such. A lot of cleaning of my new office as it was truly dusty. I love my new office space though. Next week, I’ll start to hang pictures and artwork so it can start feeling a little more like me. Here are a few pics of the space:


The view from my window


Here’s what I’m wearing today:
Top- TJMax
Pants- Kohl’s
Shoes- Target
Earrings- Shoppers World
Rings- thrifted
Bracelets- payless, shoppers world



Lil Miss 5 had a winter program in school today. She had to wear blue/white, but I didn’t feel like the frilly dress or a skirt, so she wore:
Top- Target
Denim Jacket- Target
Leggins- Old Navy
Shoes- Harijuku Mini by Gwen Stefani

20120217-191530.jpg and last but not least, the poet, wrecking the world with his intelligence and wit, and avoiding the camera as usual. I love my one and only son.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Peace and blessings,

Hello Dears
I’m not doing the stanky leg. I’ll save the stanky leg til Friday. I am however doing the Humpty dance in honor of hump day. Hey, do the Humpty hump. lol..

This post won’t be long. I just wanted to give out a mid-week hump day dose of positivity, hope, and encouragement to whomever may need it. I sure need it, trust me, I be ministering to myself while trying to encourage others.

How was your Valentines day? Mines was wonderful. I have some single friends that wouldn’t even answer the phone yesterday because they didn’t have a “Valentine”. I’m single too, but you know it never entered my mind to break down about it. For me, love comes from a source of different things, people, and circumstance. I woke up yesterday so I know God loves me, my children love me, my family loves me, and so on. I am surrounded by love and I guess that’s why my day was beautiful. I have learned to look at the big things. Although, it would have been beautiful to get a gift, or some other sentiment from a gentlemen suitor, I’m cool with the gifts I received from my kids, from my heavenly father.

Hump day rules for maintaining a healthy you from the inside out:

-You are beautiful, your are important, you are loved. I don’t care what anybody says, you are beautiful.

-Remember you are important, and you are loved.

-It’s obvious that your life has purpose or you wouldn’t have it. Celebrate in the joys, get through the lows, and step up into your future, step up into your purpose.

-Don’t be mistreated, used, or abused. Make a choice to keep negative forces out of your realm. Don’t let the adversary plant him self in your circle.

-Even a tiny bit of faith, the size of a mustard seed is all God needs you to have so he can move on your behalf. Keep the faith.

-Trials happen, distractions may come, set backs may occur, and breakdown may arrive. But know, it will pass, it cannot reside in you forever as long as you push it aside.
Push.. Pray.Until.Something.Happens

“Remember to remain calm in situations, for God has an investment in us. We may have to hit the bottom, and we may even cry, but we will rise. Not because of us, but because of what’s in us!”
Love to you all..

OOTD- I’m wearing:
Blazer- Ann Taylor (gift from Aunt)
Blazer- Thrifted
Shoes- Missoni for Target
Earrings,necklace- shoppers world
Bracelets, rings- F21








Peace and Blessings

Hello Dears…
Happy Monday. I’m so terrible lately that I hope it’s still Monday when this finally gets posted. Shame, shame… Let me get right to it. I started my new job today. It was such a pleasant surprise to have a supervisor whose demeanor appears to be relaxed, calm, positive, and professional. I instantly like this woman. The morning started with orientation and I felt so bad for dozing off right in the faces of the facilitators. I mean boring! Some of the presentations were lively with an upbeat facilitator. Others were as dry as the Sahara desert and that’s when I started feeling like I had drank a gallon of sleepy time tea. And me, why did I have to be so obvious. I sat front row..Humph! Dumb move Dee, dumb move. Lol.. Later I went over to my department and I received the most awesome welcome from the new co-workers. I took a tour and walked into my new office and fell in love. The space was empty while the desk, chair, and computer lay on the floor awaiting tomorrows assembly. I opened a door that I assumed was a closet and it was a bathroom. My own personal bathroom inside my office. Yes!!! What a room, what a view. I’m totally stoked and loving this. The ice machine in the break room has me feeling like it’s Christmas. Anybody who knows me, knows that ice is my thing. Crunch, crunch.. 🙂
The view from the window is breath taking and I’ll definitely have to take pictures to show you once I am settled in. I am really happy with the way things have turned out for me. I had intentions on taking outfit pics. Taking pictures outside hasn’t been an option since it’s been so cold. The mornings are usually a rush move for us, and in the evening, I either forget, or have taken my clothes off and it’s then too late. Anyway, my son who is my do it yourself photographer hasn’t been feeling well and his skills were off today. Only a small few were decent enough to post.
I wore:
Pleated blouse- TJ Max
Cardigan- Thrifted
Slacks- Ross Dress for Less
Shoes- not shown
Name Necklace- Jay Lorai
Earrings, watch- Shoppers World
Purse- Valentines gift 3 years ago




This name necklace is quickly becoming my new favorite item. It was was given to me this past weekend by my co-worker/friend from the job I just left. Love it. If anyone is interested in purchasing, let me know.

Another new favorite item is my hat and scarf that was made for me by a lady who takes custom and special orders. I fell in love with her scarf sets and have purchased a few since the first one. Again, if anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll give you her information. My cousin and I hung out this past Saturday and she had her custom made scarf and hat on too.

We look happy as ever in those scarf sets. Lol..

Yesterday I took baby girl, Lil Miss number 5 and my lil cousin Big Miss number 5 to see Disney on Ice. They had a blast. These two are the tightest little cousins. They are two peas in a pod and so addicted to each other that it seems unreal. They are equally fire crackers in their on right, and together they are too much for TV. Cute as all get out though!

They wore these matching yellow shirts


They are something else!

We had great seats. Third row, and they had a great time seeing all their favorite characters and interacting along with the show.





My chile, my chile

The vest she is wearing was a denim jacket that got to small, so I cut the sleeves off. She loves this vest and tried to wear it everyday during the summer.

Since we were so tired from our busy time yesterday, I’m just gonna keep it real. I didn’t feel like doing Lil Miss #5’s hair this morning, so I just found her something else yellow to wear to match the hair balls. Yep! I’m terrible.. *grins*
Dress- Bday gift from grandparents
Leggings- children’s place
Suede booties- 77 kids by American Eagle

I know it’s been a while since fifteen has agreed to take a picture. She is a trip! Avoids the camera at all cost.
Sweater- purchased from vendor in NY
Denim Jacket- thrifted
Jeans- idk, but ripped and fringed by herself (she loves to alter her clothes)
Boots- Target

My poor son hasn’t been feeling well. This is the child who never, ever gets sick. He has now developed sinus and allergy issues and he has been going through it. Just look at his face. Awww son!

Well peeps, that is the just of my weekend- today. Sorry, I had to pile it all on, but had to get it in where I could. I hope to post again tomorrow.
I pray you all had an amazing weekend and will have a great week ahead.
Peace and blessings,


She said to me,

“you aren’t everything that you think you are. These white people don’t care anything about you and all you do”.

This declaration came from my supervisor after a meeting where the manager, medical director and director of operations raved about me and the ideas that I had presented to the table. It wasn’t the first time they came to me instead of her, it wasn’t the first time that I was asked for my opinion, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. That was the beginning of the end for me and Miss Supervisor. Almost everyday since then has been a challenge working with her. Sadly, she dislikes me because I’m articulate, likable, knowledgable, and I get the job done. She would be sweet as pie when the higher ups were within view, and when they weren’t she was a different person. A wolf in sheeps clothing if I’d ever seen one. I don’t know why but she is threatened by my expertise and it’s despicable. Instead of her utilizing me to the fullest which would in turn only be great for the company, she exhausted herself trying to stifle me. It really didn’t work, because those who should have turned to her, sought me out instead. I didn’t ask for it, they just came my way. My years in healthcare span over thirteen years and I certainly wasn’t just going through the motions, I have been busy equipping myself for a time such as this. I pride myself on patient centered patient care. I’m big on finding solutions, solving problems, it’s just what I do. I’m not doing anything unless I give it my all, and Miss Supervisor had her own shortcomings, issues with race, prejudice, and she attacked me as a result of her own selfish ambitions and insecurities. Most of us have a character defect or two that we aren’t very proud of, but do we bring that into the workplace? Miss Supervisor sure does. We’ve been going back and forth for two years, never seeing eye to eye. She’d come at me sideways, and I’d treat her the same way. On any given day, you can catch her in a heated brawl with another employee. She manipulates them by saying things like, “black women need to stick together”. All the while, she makes it virtually impossible to stick with anything she mandates. Despicable. About a year ago, I stopped reacting to her in that Ra-Ra sort of way, as I knew it was what she wanted. She would push your buttons and then suddenly turn into a victim when you reacted to her injustice. I have never, ever met a person like her in the workplace. That thing is a special breed. At long last, I realized, it wasn’t worth it for me and this woman would continue to make my work life a living hell. I prayed about it, and asked God to open new doors for me. He did just that, and next week, a new chapter for me will begin. I am so excited about my new job and even more excited about God’s perfect timing and how wide open he kicked this door for me. I remained faithful to that job for as long as I could, and although I’ll miss the relationships that were forged there, I will not miss the constant bickering, the manipulation, the abuse, and the unprofessionalism. I carry God wherever I go, even still the devil is busy lurking on every corner. I’m so glad that I had my armor protecting me always. I am like a flower, and my natural ability is to bloom. I stopped blooming. My time there is up. God moved me out after my assignment was complete. One thing I know, my mark was left, and they will never forget this lil firecracker with the great work ethics, toting a briefcase full of professionalism, motivation, and skills long enough to stretch from here to the nile river. They’ll never forget me!


I’m sorry it took me a little while to post but I have been a little wrapped up. Tying loose ends and such. Busy preparing myself mentally for my new job. Anyway, I’m back! Lol..
FYI: these braids are making their last appearance, tonight it’s going down. I’ve had enough. They are itching like crazy.I will show you my growth and my new hairstyle tomorrow. The natural hair journey continues. I love you guys and thank you for your continued support. To the ones that emailed me to check and see what’s up with the post, I appreciate ya!

I’m wearing:
Red/brown sweater- thrifted(not shown)
Belted Peacoat- gift
Gray slacks- Burlington
Brown pumps- Target
Briefcase- thrifted (what a steal $6.99)
Earrings- Rashidagurl






Peace and Blessings

Hello Dears
Let’s mix it up a bit. I’m already late as I planned to post this earlier in the morning. I digress. Oh well, there is no better time than the present, and I’m on it now! Lol.. This post is kinda lengthy, but worth it. Sit tight, and cop a squat.

Moving right along.

I really like the definition of mingle, and mix & mingle is more a play on words as it relates to my post today. For starters the word “Mingle” means: mix or cause to mix together: “an expression that mingled compassion and bewilderment”. To move freely around a place or at a social function, associating with others”.

So my Dears, I want you to think of my blog as a place to move around and get a full on mix of everything you may need to get you through your day. I want this to be a place of comfort, hope, and relatable experiences. Many of us are more alike than we are different. It’s sounds good for someone to be constantly happy, never experiencing any pain or disappointment or feelings of worthlessness. If every single second of every day is happy happy, joy, joy, then someone is kidding themselves. The issue is, that we don’t share our hurts, mishaps and disappointments. I’ve been guilty of this myself, but then if I don’t share, how can I inspire? Not saying you should share your whole self, but you know, pick and choose your audience. You never know who may be sitting front row needing a word from you. I have my good and bad days, same as anybody else. Things don’t always go the way I expect, sometimes I’m going in circles, and it’s no use in me pretending that I am completely perfect on all levels, because it’s just not true. Sometimes, I literally have to push myself and talk to God just to get out of the bed in the morning. This single mother thing is no field trip through ice cream valleys, and sugar cone streams. It’s hard. I thank God for his hand on my life, and for the support system he has set in place for me. I was twenty-seven years old when I lost my mother, and although I miss her beyond what words can express, God has afforded me the opportunity to come across other mothers who have loved me, and encouraged me as if I were their own. It’s remarkable the women of phenomenal distinction I’ve crossed paths with. Oh the honor. Everyday that I go on, that I write, and I encourage another, I am paying honor to them who have done the same for me. I press.

I’ve been having conversations with an exceptionally rare gem. A single mother, strong, anointed, gifted, and powerful. A wise one, with dreams that go beyond the scope of humanization, dreams that could only be painted by God. I am not going to expose her, but incase she happens upon my blog, she’ll know, this is for her. I believe in you, and it’s for good reason. When you get discouraged, just come here, and get an ounce full of hope to keep pushing. Don’t settle for less, and know your worth. You are even worth so much, that the devil is fighting Jesus for you. We wage war against the enemy, and I declare with authority from the most high that he is defeated. We press.

I stand
You laugh and mock the life I made for you. How did I get here. Stripped of myself, my beauty, and dreams.

Naked before you, and the world. I can’t hide the truth of it all. I gave it all, and tried with my best try, and it still shattered before my eyes.

Before days light, I’ve cried an ocean for you and with every tear, I lost a part of me. I’m tumbling through life and it’s chaotic. Desperately seeking a peak of the woman I use to be. The calm comes when I just stand. Something tells me, Woman, you must stand!
I hear laughter, and children playing on the carousal of life.
I feel the heat of myself and I quiver with anticipation of meeting me again.
I stand tall.
And you, are a distant memory of tears dried by the sun of the new day’s light.
I am me again.
Breathing, living, beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully living my dreams.

That was for somebody, who ever the shoe fits, wear it and know, you are not alone.
It seems it’s been so long since I’ve done an outfit post. Not that I couldn’t have, I just haven’t. Well, I’m challenging myself to do this no less than 3-5 times this week. Ha! We shall see. I love this outfit, and with the weather changing, my mood is too. I felt like mixing it up, wishing for spring time. That’s where these cute little peach pants came into play. I found these thrifting a few months back and I had them dry cleaned and kinda forgot about them. This fabric is like, butter. I can’t describe it, they just feel good.
I hope you enjoy the outfit, and my mix and mingle post. Let me know and thanks for reading.

I’m wearing:
Glittered tank- thrifted
Military Blazer- F21
Slacks- thrifted
Leopard pumps-Amsterdam boutique
Jewelry- H&M











Yay me!! Outfit post accomplished!

Peace and blessings,

Hey Dears…
I miss my blog and have stayed away just a tad bit too long. Forgive me readers, and followers.
I’ve been busy doing stuff.

Being a mom, blogging, reading blogs, studying, trying to get into the word more, work, new work, de-cluttering my life, working my vision board, on top of a host of other things is all like having two full time jobs, seriously! And I needed a minute. Woosahhhh… Lol

I spoke to a blogger friend who was telling me about scheduling future post. Hmmmm, maybe I shall try that. Writing is still my first love and it’s also important to me when folks come here and genuinely reach out to me and offer support, encouragement and that extra push I sometimes need. Thank you all for continuing to read my thoughts, ramblings, & moments of temporary insanity. Lol.. Love you guys!! Muah xoxo

You must not know about me, but im sort of a Jack-e of all trades. There are so many things I’ve been blessed with the talent to do. I will begin to show more of those things as my blogging journey continues. One of the things I love is writing poetry. I’m definitely sensitive about it, and I’m more private with it as well. I’ve had secret journals filled with poetry since the age of fourteen. Well, little by little and bit by bit, I’ll allow a glimpse to emerge from time to time of some recent poetry. I say it’s time to break out. Take a look below:

Very deep within, my soul cries out Hallelujah
For I’ve tried life, on my terms, sinking deeper and deeper in sin…
I was lost, and God rescued me from the bowels of my own destruction.
Crazy, depressed, hazy, and blinded by my own selfish desires.
Used, abused, shattered, and cut off, a disguise of my own false existence…
Very deep within, my soul cried out, save me…
And he did.
Now I can breathe the breath of life
I can live, I can laugh, I can sing
My refuge, my strong tower, my knight and shinning armor.
My King plucked me from the bowels of my own despair and welcomed me with open arms.
Oh my soul, from very deep within cries out Hallelujah
the end..

Let me know what you guys think, and if you’d like me to post more in the future for you guys to read.

I haven’t really had time for outfit post. The last one was a little over a week, and I didn’t even post it. Shame, shame, shame on me!
I wore:
Top: Old Navy
Jeans- Target
Blazer- thrifted
Shoes- rainbow
Hoops, necklace, bangles- Claire’s, F21
Clutch- shoppers world
Peacoat- Target







As you can see, my natural hair is really growing alot. It’s getting on my nerves and I’m quite board with it, so I braided it up. I haven’t taken any outfit pics since I’ve had the braids, but here’s a quick look at them



Sooooo what do you think about the braids? People have told me that it changes my whole look. I haven’t worn braids in about 10yrs so it’s a little change for me as well. With my hair being natural I have to find more protective styles to wear in the future.

Well guys, I hope you all are having a great weekend. Plenty of football going on in my house. I can’t wait to see my team bring it home. Go Ravens!!!!

Peace and Blessings,

Hello Dears,
What a year it’s been. Filled with highs and lows, blessings, and lessons. The lessons haven’t all been easy, and I’ve fought some of them tooth and nail..but God.

The year gave me some amazing discoveries, new challenges, new relationships, a few heartbreaks, some healing of old wounds, and closed some doors that had been opened far too long.

My children are growing up, they are beautiful, smart and talented. They push me to the brink and pull me right back up
with a smile. This year, they’ve shown me some things, helped me face difficulties, and truly solidified for me that parenting is the hardest job on the planet. With that being said, I’m honored to have been chosen. I love my children, they are a gift and I’m anxious, nervous, and excited to travel new beginnings with them. They are everything!

My relationship with God is greater than ever. My faith-walk has been tested, but God has sustained me, and kept me through some really trying times. I’ve fouled up, screwed up, fell down, and all things in between, but he still favors me. I can’t thank him enough for all he’s done for me. Some may proceed with caution, because I am a Jesus freak!!! Who cares though, man didn’t keep me, God did. I had to tell y’all about it too, I’ve had an amazing year in Christ.

This year a part of my family that I was sort of disconnected from become hugely connected. My grandfather started a family bible study for our family all around the world. We all get together on Saturday mornings via phone to pray, study the bible, life talk, laugh, cry, and learn about each other. This has been challenging for me in it self because one of the things about me that I’m breaking free of is my guarded self. I’m not use to sharing myself so freely, and basically putting my feelings on display. One of my cousins has always called me “secret squirrel” because I’m known for divulging nothing! Lol.. It’s quite ironic though, which brings me to one of the things I’m most proud of this year.
My blog!!
It’s like finding my voice in a world full of chaos. How does one who is so quiet and guarded with their self, share their self intimately, on the world wide web at that? I have to say it’s God. I feel lead to discuss or open up about various things. Trust me, I’m still guarded, and my circle is still small, but I’m evolving more and more each day. I have fallen in love with my blog. Well, love/hate.. Hahaha, I’ve told myself to throw in the towel because it seems people are sometimes not very receptive. I have to stick at though because I have received several emails, and inbox messages on Facebook from women telling me I’m an inspiration, that I have helped them, and that they love my blog. Me? An inspiration? This humbles me beyond what words can describe. That pushes me to quiet that voice in my head that tells me to give it up. I’m blogging for myself, for you all, and for the glory of God.

People who visit my blog should be able to tell, straight from the gate, that writing is what I love. I’ve learned some awesome things about myself simply from blogging. I’ve made new friends, and opened up a whole new world of dialect amongst women who I otherwise wouldn’t have been connected to. That is nothing short of amazing, and I plan on continuing this writing journey well into the next year and beyond.

At this point, my love life is still basically non-existent. When I tell people I’m single, they never believe me. I’ve heard it all, “your too pretty to be single”, “to great of a person to be single”, etc, etc. Well if brains and beauty were all it took, I would have been boo’d up by now. It’s just not the time. I’ve tried letting love find me and all that. I went searching for the perfect relationship, and found myself instead. I’ve been enjoying me too. That day will come for me though, and when it does, the universe might shake! I’ve seen this hashtag on twitter that says #dear-future-husband, and I see people writing all sorts of things. Well, I’ve never played along, but if I did, mines would simply say, #dearfuturehusband, I wish you hurry up! Lol..

P.S. Outfit post from yesterday that I fell asleep before posting, well atleast here are the pictures! Lol.. I’m terrible

(afterwork yesterday I got together with a friend who I had been missing. We kept scheduling, canceling outings and finally he said, no! This year will not pass and we don’t see each other. So we went to cheesecake factory, and what a great time I had. I love my friends!
Here’s what I was wearing:
Dress- H&M
Blazer- thrifted
Belt- Christmas gift from G-ma
Tights- H&M
Shoes- Missoni for Target
Rings, earrings, bracelets- H&M
Clutch- shoppers world









Happy New Year my Dears. I wish nothing but the best for you all. Be safe tonight and blessed. I’m going to be in church, and I’m excited about that, because I have come through a heck of a year. Pray for me guys, as I pray for all of you.

Peace and blessings,

Hello Dears,
It seems that my time has been limited lately. My kids have had holiday things going on in school, and I have been here, there and everywhere. I have a few things to cover, so I may be a little scattered in my post, please forgive me, also, brace yourself, I have a few life lessons to get off my chest.

For starters, I kind of had a fabulous weekend. I was invited to a masquerade ball on Saturday and had only one day to prepare for it. YIKES! Another friend asked me to go with her to the same event as a pre birthday celebration for her. I thought, two different people invite me to the same event, hmmmm this must be the place to be. The flip side is that I had never been to a masquerade ball before and didn’t have the first clue on what to wear. I knew it was an all black affair, so that made it a lot easier. I mean really, how can you go wrong wearing black. After searching for hours high and low all over the city for a mask, I gave up and caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ions. It was great sharing some good laughs and life talk over dinner. The next day I still couldn’t find a mask. Not even at party city. I decided, I was just gonna have to make a mask. My search took me to Joanne fabrics and I ended up buying some sequins, feathers, and having my fifteen year old daughter decorate it for me. I think she did and excellent job.

Here’s what I wore
Dress-White House/Black Market
Tights- Target
Booties- Barefeet
Clutch- Burlington
Necklace- mom’s
Rings/Bracelets- thrifted








I had a blast at the annual Historical and Black College and University Alumni and friends christmas Masquerade. The cause is noteworthy and the ball was enjoyable and loads of fun.

One thing I’m learning these last few weeks of 2011 is that a shift is definately taking place in my life. So many areas of me are steadily evolving, my faithwalk is stronger, and I see change. Sometimes we have to let go of certain people or things so that we can move forward. If a relationship becomes toxic, it’s undoubtedly time for it to come to a close. Sometimes, the break hurts, and shocks your soul, but it is still necessary. You shouldnt have to fall victim of anyone elses jealously, insecurities, or issues. I am far from perfect, nor am I everyones cup of tea, but one thing I know how to be is a friend. There isn’t a day that’s gone by where a friend reached out to me, and I didnt make myself accessible. I like being the one a person can depend on without fear of rejection, judgement, critisim, or chastisement. I would never, ever kick a person when they are already down, and if you are around anyone who behaves in this way, run away as fast as you can. I can’t go to far into this thing, but I really want to share the lesson. I had a huge argument with a friend after I was basically attacked for reasons I will never completely understand. This person attacked my character, and did it in a way that was dark, purposeful, mean, and hurtful. It did not come from a place of love. It was not a disagreement, it was an attack. The part that shocked me more than anything was my reaction. Instead if recognizing the person I was dealing with, I fell right into the mix. I said things that I know were mean and hurtful and yes, that was my goal. Tick for tack mentality. I allowed my anger to take the lead, and the sane rational me took a back seat. Afterwards, I felt like such a fool. I was extremely remorseful. I had allowed someones opinion of me, drive me to the point of being just like that person. I was so focused on finally letting her have it, that I lost the person I’d been working so hard to be. That cursing, spit fire tounge, disreguarding peoples feelings is the hurt little girl I use to be. In a split second, I allowed myself to be taken back to that person. Misery loves company, and I went and sat down right on her couch! I sought forgiveness because that was not acceptable behavior for the christian lifestyle I am living. If I have to fight attack, it should be with the word, and I failed. It just reminded me that, I still have so much work to do. Never let a person tell you who you are, nor dictate who you’ll become. I didn’t have to act the way she did, I could have just ignored her. Thank God I wasn’t in her face, because she would have got punched. That’s how upset I was. I mean, I’m just keeping it real. I’m not perfect, but I’m striving to be all that God wants me to be. I’ve learned to seek forgiveness and to forgive myself. Never harbor ill feelings, or the hurts of your past. I’ve learned to let go, let God. I will always love my friend, but I have to let go, let God.

This ain’t no pity party, and I’m not going to cry a river. Your girl here is still learning to be a woman of standard. I know who I am, and how low of me to let someone else try and tell me any different. I am not forgotten because God knows my name!

Sorry for the life rant, I know this is suppose to be a fashion blog. Ha! I’m sorry, but I can’t be put into a box, my branches are many. And I have to speak my heart, and so it is. I think you guys understand.

On to better news. My daughter did great on her finals and actually made the Dean’s List this semester. I am a proud Momma. She managed to do this while working two jobs, getting minimal sleep, and being nagged to death constantly by me. I praised God, for the good things he has done for me and my children. Even if the cards are stacked against you, God can still bring you out on top.

Peace and Blessings,

Today I’m wearing
Top- New York (paid $2)
Belt- Arden B
Blazer- Thrifted
Slacks- Thrifted
Shoes- Barefeet
Necklace- Lori’s
Sunnies- D&G




Today is going to be crazy hectic for me. I am writing this post early morning but I have a strong suspicion that it will not see the light of day. Not this one anyway. I have a late morning meeting and I am ripping and running covering some last minute things. All is well though because for some reason, I work great under pressure. Ha!

Now, about my outfit of the day. I last wore this thrifted blazer here and wait a minute, also here . Actually, I’m pretty sure there is another post I have worn this blazer as well. So you get the picture, it’s pretty safe to assume that this thrifted Kasper blazer is one of my favs. I love the color, the feel of it, and the vintage appeal. The dress I’m wearing is another great find from the thrift store. I got this one back in May and it’s acutally a summer dress but it has a nice lining, and I felt like I could make it work for winter. So, I did just that. I love the brown polka dots. I took the belt off the dress and wrapped it around the blazer to give it a cohesive look. These shoes are the business! I love leopard or any kind of animal print. So I had to pair these shoes with this dress. What do ya think?
I’m wearing:
Target Merona dress- thrifted
Blazer- Thrifted
Brown Tights- Target
Shoes- Amsterdam Boutique
Bag- Ross Dress for less
Necklace- Lori’s
Earrings- Rashidagurl








And… How about that NeNe on last nights episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta talking about “vintage is used, I cannot wear somebody else’s clothes”. Like, eeeeelll, that’s nasty. Really NeNe? Come on now Flossy, you know good and well you have worn thrifted clothes before. She trips me out. So hoity toity now. I’m not really a NeNe Leakes fan. I use to adore her style and her keeping it real persona, but my soul is truly irked by people who constantly, incessantly brag about their material belongings. That is tacky! The whole I’m way to good to do vintage thing threw me for a loop. Excuse me, would you happen to have any grey poupon? Haha… NeNe, girl-bye!

Now check this out, my four year old daughter knows everything their is to know about working my iphone. I’ve had it for about a year, and she’s always worked it with great precison from the start. This morning she was playing music and singing along. I heard her blaring in a high falsetto, “I-ain’t- got-nothing-if-I-ain’t- got-youuuuuu” she went on to say something about 1+1 equals 2 and so forth. I silently listened and I was impressed that she knew EVERY word, the riffs, the runs, and hooks. She knew when to hit the high notes, she knew when to fade in and out. I’m thinking, maybe there is some talent here. She definately loves music as do all my children. That is something that we were just born with. Our strong connection to music goes back a long way. So many members of my family have outstanding musical ability. My grandmother is actually a very accomplished gospel singer so I know this lineage has something to do with our love of music. My little girl is always singing. I didn’t even know I had Beyonce on my IPod. Who downloaded that? Hmmmmm, I’m not all into Beyonce like that, I think she’s talented, but just… Well, I’m not going there on this post. I certainly KNOW it wasn’t me who downloaded “4”. Anyhoo, me and baby girl had a lil convo about it, and here’s how it went down. (completely true story)

Me: So how do you know all the words to that song?”
Lil Mamma: Because I just do because I just learned on my own.
Me: I guess you really like Beyonce huh?
Lil Mamma: Yes, and how about you Mommy, do you like her?
Me: ummm yea just a little. But tell me, what is it about her that you like?
Lil Mamma: I like her because she can sing, she can sing real, real good. I just love her voice. And I love all her songs!


I wasn’t no more good. I fell out. LOL. She was so serious about that thing. I asked her did she want to take singing lessons, and she told me, maybe but that she definitely wants to take dance classes. Ok little one. So, I guess it’s time. It’s very important that as parents we tap into our kids full potential and get them going in areas that they seem to have interest in, so they can gain more development in that area. It makes you wonder, what if certain gifts weren’t natured or given room to grow in certain individuals while they were kids. As parents, I think it’s so imperative that we help our children reach their full potential educationally, spiritually, mentally and nurture their talents and other natural abilities.

Peace and Blessings
(singing and dancing in front of the camera)





Happy Tuesday Dears,

I am declaring for all of us that we will have an excellent week, and even if something goes wrong, I’m trusting that God will see us through. Yes!!! The great sustainer. So, how was everyone’s weekend?? You already know how mines was.  And now…It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Have you all finished Christmas shopping or are you carrying a late pass?

On black Friday “Rashidagurl”  had a fabulous sale at her Etsy online shop. I had been swooning over those earrings for a few weeks, so I took advantage of the sale and ordered some. Last week when my daughter called to tell me that had arrived in the mail, I was so excited and she was excited too, “Ooh Ma, can I open this package and see your earrings, and the package, the way she wrapped it is sooooo cute”.. NO! I screamed at her. I want to see the pretty packaging too (I’m terrible) lol.. The wrapping was very cute and the earrings are so adorable. Different, unique, bright, bold, I love them!! My son said to me, “they look very 80’s”… This coming from someone born in the new millennium.. These kids know too much these days. He was right though, and that’s one of the things I love about them. I wore them to church and got tons of compliments on them. Thanks Rashida for producing such an amazing work of art. Be sure to check out her shop and see some of those amazing earrings. Here I am sporting mines below.

I am in love with these earrings and cannot wait to wear them again.

Guess what? I am finished Christmas shopping. I am not stressing about it. Thank God!! And I am making an effort to really expound on the whole meaning of Christmas to my children. Not the fluffy, watered down version that some of us tell our kids, but the real deal. I wish people wouldn’t sink into depression and constant worry over gifts. I feel that if the focus were shifted to where it belongs, that would cut out the stress that many people feel during the holidays. I like giving and receiving gifts too, but that is not going to be my main focus on Christmas. It’s when we celebrate the birth of Christ. To me, nothings more important. Me and the kiddies are going to be in church, celebrating the life of Christ. What are your plans for Christmas?

On my job, we are having 10 days of gift giving secret Santa style. Below you will find some of my choices. If you are looking for some gifts on a discount, here a few ideas that are nice and won’t break the bank.

  1. Gift cards -you can never go wrong with gift cards. Almost every store has them and you can get them in $10, $20, $50 dollar denominations and above. I learned this trick from my children’s grandmother a few years ago as she said gift cards were a lot less stressful than trying to buy gifts for nine grandkids.
  2. Gift cards to a favorite restaurant or to the movies .I have been given both and they do come in handy.  

3. A nice sweater -Old Navy and Target have nice sweaters for the entire family.Most of the selections are on sale so how can you go wrong.

4. A foot massager -A great way to calm down and relax after a long day and very affordable too.

 I have to tell you about gift idea #5. For the last seven days or so, I had been having headaches off and on. I’d take pain relievers and the relief I had was brief, if any at all. I am a migraine sufferer, but only during certain times. I also have sinus and allergy issues and this constant headache had me thinking that it’s the culprit. My daughter reminded me of an anti-stress/sinus pillow I had purchased over a year ago, but had never used. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even remember having it. I purchased it at Bath Bed and Beyond. It has some kind of ionic beads inside and you are to heat the eye pillow in the microwave at 30 second intervals and then wrap over your forehead. The warm compression is to relieve sinus and tension headaches. You can also use it as a cold compress over your eyes to relieve puffiness. When I wrapped it around my forehead, I immediately began to feel relief. Within minutes my nose felt less constricted, and I was really digging this thing. I used it twice more that night and have not had a headache since. I am sold. If you know anyone who has sinus/allergy or suffers migraines, this  inexpensive gift would be a welcomed addition.

  1. Earth Therapeutics Anti-stress/Sinus pillow – you can find it here at Amazon, bed bath and beyond, kohl’s and Ulta .
  2.  Movies/DVD’s from Wal-Mart –Wal-Mart sells some of their DVD movies for as low as $5. This is especially a great gift for those movie buffs you may know.
  3. Photo calendar – this is such a  good gift for those relatives and friends that live out of state. I can just see my face lighting up every time I turn to a new month in the year and see someone who I love.
  4. Ematic 4G, video player w/built in 3’’ touch screen, 5MP video camera, radio, and E-Book reader -This device is so cute and comes in a variety of colors. It reminds me of an iphone. I think this gift is good for teens, and adults. You can see and purchase it here .
  5. Watches- How can you go wrong with a nice watch and you don’t have to spend loads of money to get a nice watch.
  6. Stocking stuffers- This is has always been a great gift of mine. Get a stocking, decorate it, and fill it with things that the recipient will love. You can get lotions, shaving creams, socks, jewelry and lots more inside of a stocking.

I do hope that you all are having a great week and keeping it stress free on all avenues. Don’t let the Christmas season bog you down, for this is the season of great cheer. I love that song that goes “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. And if you so happen to be looking for savings on a nickel, feel free to cop some ideas from my ten things.

 Peace and blessings