Let us each now embrace our solem duty. Let us answer the call of duty. God bless you and may he forever bless these United States of America

I, Barack Obama….. Oh that moment that he stood before God and America to take the oath of presidency was extremely humbling. Not just because of the obvious fact that he is indeed a black man, but much more than that, his election is synonymous with presenting his body as a living sacrifice. His life will never be the same, and it’s a huge sacrifice he’s made for himself, his family, and Americans as a whole. On this day honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, we also brought forth a monumental moment in history, watching the first black American President taking oath of office for a second time. The Presidential Inauguration of 2013. This moment!
For me, this was so reflective of history securing the future. The foundation that was laid by our forefathers, by those killed and brutalized for some of the same rights that we take for granted today. I don’t take it lightly. To take the oath on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s march on Washington was a move anchored by none other than our heavenly father above. It was predetermined and truly destined. Ushered in this great moment, still lies the past. As I sat and watched this moment with my children and realized that we have been a part of history. What an awesome feeling overcame my heart. I am speaking to them, and they seem as if they aren’t fully getting it, but I know that they are, I know they are.
The Presidents speech was engaging, diverse, and inclusive. Awe inspiring and up-lifting. As always, he delivered it eloquently and with conviction. Although he spoke so many great words, some stuck out to me and remained with me long after.

“While Freedom is a gift from God, it must be secured by his people here on earth”

“Now more than ever we must do these things together as one nation and one people”

“An economic recovery has begun”

“My fellow Americans, we were made for this moment and we will cease it as long as we cease it together”

“We do not believe that freedom is reserved for the lucky or available only to the few”

“We the people still believe that securing security and peace do not require perpetual war”

“We the People declare today that all of us were created equal and that is the star that guides us still”

” Let us each now embrace our solem duty. Let us answer the call of duty. God bless you and may he forever bless these United States of America”

I do pray for the hand of God to encompass the entire first family and others in political office. To keep them safe, whole, protected, and of sound mind.

I’m extremely honored that President Barack Obama has answered the call. How many of us have truly answered our life’s call? As an African American, sure it’s
a great moment in my life and the lives of most black Americans. More than anything though, we should allow these moments of history to solidify our own willingness to make life better, not just for ourselves, but for others as well.

The past has come full circle with the future.










Happy MLK and Inauguration day
Peace and blessings


MLK is still my childhood hero. Happy Birthday to one of the worlds greatest visionaries, and overall makers of peace. In observance of today, I thought it best to reblog my thoughts from last year.

DeeJourney of a (old



Fashion break.
Hence the title, this is not a fashion post. In honor of MLK day, I decided to share a childhood memory in representation of the day.

It started when I was a kid, my fascination with the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. I don’t really know exactly how my obsession began, but I made it my business to devour every piece of literature I could find on King. For starters, we didn’t have a lot of images in books at school of black americans. There were a select few and among them, my favorites were Harriet Tubman, Langston Hughes, and Martin Luther King.
Dr. King was the most talked about famous black American.
I credit my grandfather for learning me up on several black americans that I would have never otherwise heard of.

In 1983 I was in the 6th grade, and I had an…

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These things drop into my spirit and immediately, I want to share.

The SEED of the righteous SHALL be delivered- Proverbs 11:21

Soon after my mother passed away, I found a prayer journal of hers. The first entry was “God, my daughter is not saved and she is living in an unholy union, deliver her, I will give anything for her to know you God even if it means my life”. almost every journal entry thereafter, my mother continued praying to God to save my life. If I never knew love, I learned it then. When she died, I vowed, that my mothers prayers would not be in vain. She was righteous and her seed was delivered! My parents prayed for me, and I’m never gonna stop praying for mines… (parents get this) I don’t care what it looks like, seems like, I don’t care if the kids are acting crazy, looking crazy or talking crazy, the word says that thing shall be delivered.. Whatever you sow, you shall reap. if you sow violence into the life of your children, then it will be so. But if you sow success, power, love, compassion and the word of God into them, then it will be so. Even if they waiver, they’ll be back. The word said it, and i’m not challenging it. I’m standing on his promises and I am totally vindicated in that!!! My children will be just fine….

Peace and blessings,

Yes that’s right, I am saved.
You call me a church girl, I’ll be that too. Yes I do believe in miracles. Yes, I do credit my father in heaven for every fiber of my being. That’s right I am a living testimony. I own my story, how about you. You darn skippy I think I’m all that, don’t you think that of yourself too? How could I ever think any less of me, when my father is the Most high God, the only God, the true God and because he chose me, just as he chose all, I have the right to believe I’m all that. That’s right I am full of imperfections and make mistakes sometimes even daily. That’s right I keep trying until I get it right. Yes I’m difficult, yes I’m complicated too. That’s right I’m smart. That’s right, I’m far from a being fool. That’s right I don’t allow those in my space who I don’t feel are truly ordained by God. That’s right, I am a better person than I was just yesterday. That’s right I put God first, and my kids are soon behind. That’s right I am lead by faith and not by sight. That’s right, I decide when I’ll say, what I’ll do and if I’ll allow. Yes I am sensitive, and it’s true, I often cry to free myself. That’s right I come to the table wearing not a mask but exposing who I truly am. Do you? That’s right I’m fiesty. That’s right, I’ll read you from A-Z if I need to. That’s right I don’t pick up wooden nickels, strays, or unnecessary distractions. Yes I’m a strict disciplinarian, no I don’t take no mess. Yes, I do expect the best out of my kids, just as my father God expects of me. That’s right I don’t have a man or husband just for the sake of saying I have one. That’s right the man I choose has to come correct and be right to the 10th power, you darn skippy, I ain’t excepting anything less. Yes, I trust God in every way, even in the area of love, I leave it up to him. That’s right I could care less what you are doing in your life, but yet all you seem to think about is me. Who knew.. I have so much left of me to work on, to get right that to worry about others would just be a distraction and as I said, I don’t do that. Yea, my main focus is total surrender and being the woman that God wants me to be, after all, I aim not to please man, but to please him… That’s right. It’s 2013 and I’m still the mother, the writer, the poet, the servant, the voice of the voiceless, the activist, the child of the most high God. My tomorrow just got better.. Still keeping my faith one step at a time. That’s right. It’s true.


Hello all.
I miss it here terribly. I miss people coming through and checking for me too. It’s been too long! I won’t bore you with the antics of what has been keeping me away from blogging. It has been a busy summer for me thus far, but I don’t think that’s the reason. Just know that I am here. All is well, and I will be doing an update soon. I hope someone has stuck with me through my disappearing acts. It’s Saturday, it’s raining and I don’t know what in the world I have gotten myself into agreeing to work on my day off.. Aahhhh, I might as well get it done.

Peace and Blessings

Am I the only person that wakes up out they’re sleep in search of a late night snack? It’s despicable. I can’t stop. I am clearly tired as all get out, but cannot rest until I find the perfect late night snack. Sometimes it’s a piece of candy, a cookie, a pudding, a bag of chips, an ice cream sandwich.. Oh my, my, my.. I’ve got a problem. There has got to be a clinical diagnosis for this. Perhaps this is the reason my little tummy is turning into my little pony. I weighed myself at work yesterday. Let me say, I was so not pleased. I got on the treadmill twice last week and felt accomplished. I’m not into exercise, and I am not ashamed to say, I truly lack the motivation. I should do better. I have have to do better with that. But that’s not where I was planning on going with this. The issue at hand is how do I stop getting my tushy out the bed at night in search of satisfaction, by way of a Twinkie.. I’m just saying, all advice is welcome. Help a sister out. I say this as I devour this slice of lemon cake. I need help! Lol..

Have a great day loves.

Peace and blessings

Hello Dears.
Happy Monday. Time to grind, make the donuts, punch that clock, how ever you want to say it, we all have to get it done. Even the stay at home mom’s who I envy and then again I don’t. That gig is hard work day and night.
Speaking of the kids.. Excuse me while I transform, hear me out, I feel like Tina Turner- “oohhhhh, I got something on my mind, won’t somebody please, please tell me what’s wrong”..Moment over, back to Dee. Is it just me, or is anybody else afraid for their children the way I am afraid for mines? The world is getting so crazy, and although I’d love to, I can’t keep them wrapped in a bubble. I cringe for them all but am most frightened for five as she is the youngest. I can’t help but see. I look around and the chilen’ runnin’ round yonder with the clothes sagging down and the bloomers showing. Speaking enough atrocities and profanities to make your ears bleed. I’m like, “can they see me”? It’s just like I’m not there. If I ever hear of my kids behaving to the degree of some kids I see daily, they are getting delt a can of honey let me tell you something with the quickness. Um hm, you do the math. I cannot handle that blatant disrespect. Can somebody please tell me what’s wrong. And then, the drugs. It’s always something new, more potent, designer chemist crap. Now they taking about bath salts which I had never heard of. People turning into zombies and eating folk, and I just can’t. Just when you think you’ve heard the worst, here comes something to blow your mind. They say it was possibly the drugs, I say demon possessed. Moving right along, it’s just so much to think about, protect from, be fearful of and so forth. Well, this mess ain’t going to drive me up a wall. I know I’m not omnipresent, but I sure know who is. Mom’s we have to cast our cares upon the Lord. Maybe I’m a bit of a worry wart. But isnt everyone when it comes to their kids? At the same time, I know I can’t let it consume me. All I can do, is keep my babies, and my family in prayer and trust in the precious hand of God. For me, there is no other way.

And I am so praying that these chilen’ keep they’re pants up, and atleast they bloomers clean. I don’t want to see that mess. Chile, please…

Now that I’ve had my ranting Momsession, my plan was to post my OOTD. I was so sleepy, still tired, and I didn’t plan an outfit last night and to top it off, I was pressed for time. Hence, there is no picture. Haha. Well there can be, I will update my post later with outfit pics. How bout that!

Until later- Peace and Blessings