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Sometimes these walls seem to cave in on me but when I look in your eyes, I feel alive. Some days we say words that don’t mean a thing, but when you’re holding me tight, I feel alive”

Blue obviously has an undistinguishable language that
even her mother Beyonce cannot always understand, but the heart understands it as love and somehow that makes it alright. Beyonce professed this, as well as her love in the newly released song, Blue feat. Blue Ivy Carter. Clearly, mom loves her daughter. I don’t know the Carters’ but, the love seems pretty apparent to me. However, common angst amongst the viewing public, mainly the watchful, hating our naturally nappy hair, eye of the black woman suggest that because Blue’s hair is unkempt,  uncombed, or missing barrets, bows or hair ties, her mother must not love her. Her mother must not care,  some even have gone as far to call it neglect. Comeon people. Neglect?
Some of you are reaching a bit far with that. Don’t cha think.

Mommy obviously isn’t bothered by Blue’s natural hair doing whatever it chooses to do and baby doesn’t mind either.  The nerve of some women. Projecting their own self image issues on to Blue’s hair. Why do you care? Why is it bothering you? What, you know them?

I was on instagram and someone posted a picture of baby Blue’s hair.  All kinds of slander and hate was up under that post. And then, out of nowhere, the #beyhive buzzed into action. Y’all do know about the Beyhive right? Well its basically Beyoncés social networking mafia. I’m not a member,  and I haven’t quite figured out how they always swarm into action at precisely the right time.  What I do know is this, whoever posted the picture of Blue’s hair is no longer on instagram. Case closed.

You won’t find the picture, or any other picture of Blue’s hair in this here post. If  you’d fancy yourself on seeing it, try google. Flatout, I ain’t the one. Case closed.

I’m not going as far as to have debates about the baby’ hair. As I’ve said before, I don’t know the Carters and I really don’t care. I think Blue is a beautiful baby and her natural hair should be celebrated. I do wonder though, how Beyoncé must feel. Even if you have the thickest skin,  it’s hurtful. As a mother, I will fade to black about one of mines in 0.0 seconds. You don’t come for people’s kids like that. I will go off about mines. Case closed.

The bottom is this, Blue is just a baby. She is not your child, and her hair being “unkempt” as you call it, is her mother’s choice. Now if you want to sound off about something concerning children, why not sound off about these babies making these twerk videos. Nasty! Oh, but y’all think that’s cute though. Em hmm.

My daughter showed me a video uploaded to Vine for the world to see, and this baby, who couldnt have been any older than two, was obviously taught to curse. Yelling out profanity better than any sailor I ever heard of. Why can’t these same group of women get disgusted by that. Instead, we ignore the twerk videos, the cursing baby videos and we put our attention on an innocent babies natural hair. I mean really. Wake up people. We have to do better.

Peace and love

Today is going to be crazy hectic for me. I am writing this post early morning but I have a strong suspicion that it will not see the light of day. Not this one anyway. I have a late morning meeting and I am ripping and running covering some last minute things. All is well though because for some reason, I work great under pressure. Ha!

Now, about my outfit of the day. I last wore this thrifted blazer here and wait a minute, also here . Actually, I’m pretty sure there is another post I have worn this blazer as well. So you get the picture, it’s pretty safe to assume that this thrifted Kasper blazer is one of my favs. I love the color, the feel of it, and the vintage appeal. The dress I’m wearing is another great find from the thrift store. I got this one back in May and it’s acutally a summer dress but it has a nice lining, and I felt like I could make it work for winter. So, I did just that. I love the brown polka dots. I took the belt off the dress and wrapped it around the blazer to give it a cohesive look. These shoes are the business! I love leopard or any kind of animal print. So I had to pair these shoes with this dress. What do ya think?
I’m wearing:
Target Merona dress- thrifted
Blazer- Thrifted
Brown Tights- Target
Shoes- Amsterdam Boutique
Bag- Ross Dress for less
Necklace- Lori’s
Earrings- Rashidagurl








And… How about that NeNe on last nights episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta talking about “vintage is used, I cannot wear somebody else’s clothes”. Like, eeeeelll, that’s nasty. Really NeNe? Come on now Flossy, you know good and well you have worn thrifted clothes before. She trips me out. So hoity toity now. I’m not really a NeNe Leakes fan. I use to adore her style and her keeping it real persona, but my soul is truly irked by people who constantly, incessantly brag about their material belongings. That is tacky! The whole I’m way to good to do vintage thing threw me for a loop. Excuse me, would you happen to have any grey poupon? Haha… NeNe, girl-bye!

Now check this out, my four year old daughter knows everything their is to know about working my iphone. I’ve had it for about a year, and she’s always worked it with great precison from the start. This morning she was playing music and singing along. I heard her blaring in a high falsetto, “I-ain’t- got-nothing-if-I-ain’t- got-youuuuuu” she went on to say something about 1+1 equals 2 and so forth. I silently listened and I was impressed that she knew EVERY word, the riffs, the runs, and hooks. She knew when to hit the high notes, she knew when to fade in and out. I’m thinking, maybe there is some talent here. She definately loves music as do all my children. That is something that we were just born with. Our strong connection to music goes back a long way. So many members of my family have outstanding musical ability. My grandmother is actually a very accomplished gospel singer so I know this lineage has something to do with our love of music. My little girl is always singing. I didn’t even know I had Beyonce on my IPod. Who downloaded that? Hmmmmm, I’m not all into Beyonce like that, I think she’s talented, but just… Well, I’m not going there on this post. I certainly KNOW it wasn’t me who downloaded “4”. Anyhoo, me and baby girl had a lil convo about it, and here’s how it went down. (completely true story)

Me: So how do you know all the words to that song?”
Lil Mamma: Because I just do because I just learned on my own.
Me: I guess you really like Beyonce huh?
Lil Mamma: Yes, and how about you Mommy, do you like her?
Me: ummm yea just a little. But tell me, what is it about her that you like?
Lil Mamma: I like her because she can sing, she can sing real, real good. I just love her voice. And I love all her songs!


I wasn’t no more good. I fell out. LOL. She was so serious about that thing. I asked her did she want to take singing lessons, and she told me, maybe but that she definitely wants to take dance classes. Ok little one. So, I guess it’s time. It’s very important that as parents we tap into our kids full potential and get them going in areas that they seem to have interest in, so they can gain more development in that area. It makes you wonder, what if certain gifts weren’t natured or given room to grow in certain individuals while they were kids. As parents, I think it’s so imperative that we help our children reach their full potential educationally, spiritually, mentally and nurture their talents and other natural abilities.

Peace and Blessings
(singing and dancing in front of the camera)