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Yes that’s right, I am saved.
You call me a church girl, I’ll be that too. Yes I do believe in miracles. Yes, I do credit my father in heaven for every fiber of my being. That’s right I am a living testimony. I own my story, how about you. You darn skippy I think I’m all that, don’t you think that of yourself too? How could I ever think any less of me, when my father is the Most high God, the only God, the true God and because he chose me, just as he chose all, I have the right to believe I’m all that. That’s right I am full of imperfections and make mistakes sometimes even daily. That’s right I keep trying until I get it right. Yes I’m difficult, yes I’m complicated too. That’s right I’m smart. That’s right, I’m far from a being fool. That’s right I don’t allow those in my space who I don’t feel are truly ordained by God. That’s right, I am a better person than I was just yesterday. That’s right I put God first, and my kids are soon behind. That’s right I am lead by faith and not by sight. That’s right, I decide when I’ll say, what I’ll do and if I’ll allow. Yes I am sensitive, and it’s true, I often cry to free myself. That’s right I come to the table wearing not a mask but exposing who I truly am. Do you? That’s right I’m fiesty. That’s right, I’ll read you from A-Z if I need to. That’s right I don’t pick up wooden nickels, strays, or unnecessary distractions. Yes I’m a strict disciplinarian, no I don’t take no mess. Yes, I do expect the best out of my kids, just as my father God expects of me. That’s right I don’t have a man or husband just for the sake of saying I have one. That’s right the man I choose has to come correct and be right to the 10th power, you darn skippy, I ain’t excepting anything less. Yes, I trust God in every way, even in the area of love, I leave it up to him. That’s right I could care less what you are doing in your life, but yet all you seem to think about is me. Who knew.. I have so much left of me to work on, to get right that to worry about others would just be a distraction and as I said, I don’t do that. Yea, my main focus is total surrender and being the woman that God wants me to be, after all, I aim not to please man, but to please him… That’s right. It’s 2013 and I’m still the mother, the writer, the poet, the servant, the voice of the voiceless, the activist, the child of the most high God. My tomorrow just got better.. Still keeping my faith one step at a time. That’s right. It’s true.