My children will be just fine..

These things drop into my spirit and immediately, I want to share.

The SEED of the righteous SHALL be delivered- Proverbs 11:21

Soon after my mother passed away, I found a prayer journal of hers. The first entry was “God, my daughter is not saved and she is living in an unholy union, deliver her, I will give anything for her to know you God even if it means my life”. almost every journal entry thereafter, my mother continued praying to God to save my life. If I never knew love, I learned it then. When she died, I vowed, that my mothers prayers would not be in vain. She was righteous and her seed was delivered! My parents prayed for me, and I’m never gonna stop praying for mines… (parents get this) I don’t care what it looks like, seems like, I don’t care if the kids are acting crazy, looking crazy or talking crazy, the word says that thing shall be delivered.. Whatever you sow, you shall reap. if you sow violence into the life of your children, then it will be so. But if you sow success, power, love, compassion and the word of God into them, then it will be so. Even if they waiver, they’ll be back. The word said it, and i’m not challenging it. I’m standing on his promises and I am totally vindicated in that!!! My children will be just fine….

Peace and blessings,

  1. Ubdivine97 said:

    Awesome!! Powerful!! Never give up because prayer truly works. I came across my great great grandfathers journal several years ago and it inspired me to write down my thoughts, prayers, dreams & etc for my kids as well. Thanks so much for sharing and will definitely pass the wisdom on. God Bless!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it. I am surprised at the number of people telling me that their parents, or grandparents kept similar journals.
      If you have those treasures I think it’s awesome. Thanks for reading!

  2. This is deep sis! It gave me chills just reading it. This has inspired me to journal my prayers and dreams for my little ones also. I worry and pray and worry and pray some more, but I know (just as you said) they will be just fine in the Lord.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hey sis!! I’m so glad you came to the blog today and grabbed some inspiration along the way. Journaling is such a way to free the soul, gain perspective and a great way to have an account of our dreams and hopes. Bless your little ones! And bless you!

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